There are other alternatives to Styroform food containers.
That does not leach toxins like Styerne and Benzene into our food like Styroform.

One of the largest companies is Earthshell. Here are some Press releases
  • * 06/11/2002: Press Release from EarthShell Corporation
    Use of EarthShell Packaging Products Helps Department of the Interior Win Prestigious Environmental Award
  • * Dec 2 2002: PRESS RELEASE Online Exclusive, EarthShell Corp.
    reports that Wal-Mart intends to expand the availability of its plates and bowls by more than ten times to select stores in the US.
  • * Aug. 21, 2000: EarthShell Packaging Earns Green Seal's Approval Source
  • * April 4, 2001: McDonald's Approves Earthshell Container Product Design Source: Clean Edge News
For more information about EarthShell go to

There are other companies that use corn starch not potato starch like EarthShell.

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Ag-West Biotech Inc.
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