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My court case is the reason I started to investigate the transportation laws that this page shows is clearly outdated with the new laws (1974, 1990, 1994, 1998) sitting dormant instead of protecting the United States Citizens.

I started to investigate what I hauled to find which health affects were the same as what I was experiencing, which lead me to the polystyrene issue.

To show how corrupt the court system is this is the Notice of Appeal that I filed to protest the fact that the New York Supreme Court would uphold the Pennsylvania Workmen's Compensation courts decision even though it was bias and corrupt.

In speaking to Senator Clinton's NY legal dept. office on 6/27/2006, Mr. Twaji told me this type of Insurance Fraud is an on going problem. I also sent a copy to Senator Schumer because Senator Schumer is on the Judiciary Committee, in hopes he will apply this to federal legislation with Senator Clinton and other members of the Senate to put an end to this kind of Insurance Fraud. I have not received a response to this letter yet.

Actual Court submitted evidence will be posted shortly. Please check back for updates.

Evidence the judge refused to use in my Workman's Compensation case is posted here

Letters to the Personal Injury Judge filed in State of New York (Judge Connor).

I wrote a letter to the Pennsylvania Attorney Generals office which I received a response March 13th, 2000. When I did not receive further correspondance I wrote a letter on September 4th which I have yet to receive a reply.
I also wrote to the New York Attorney Generals office and received this reply.
If you looked in the letters to Judge Connor you will see that I also copied him a letter I wrote to the U.S. Justice department.

I have recently written to the New York Attorney General Office's on Friday, March 28, 2008 showing the corruption, fraud and embezzlement of independent contractors/ small businessmen. The response was not vague this time. Richard Jurewicz, Associate Director for Correspondence, was very clear in saying that "we do not have jurisdiction in this matter and we do not provide legal advice to individuals. Therefore, we cannot be of assistance."

Yet, in speaking to my Congresswomen's, (Kirsten Gillibrand), Regional Representative, Benedict McCaffree, who said being an attorney, the New York Attorney General Office's is the office that would handle matters of this nature. Mr. McCaffree said that he spoke to the Attorney General Office's and they will not change their position on this matter.

I then called the U.S. Attorneys Office and was referred to The FBI. The FBI asked that I send them the documents I sent to the New York Attorney General Office's with their reply and a cover letter to them in the Albany, NY office Attention: White-Collar Crimes Squad. I did not hear from them within two weeks so I called them and they said that if the FBI investigates this case that they will never tell me or let me have any information on the investigation.

Interestingly enough Greene County, NY has a lein against any money retreived in this case but are not willing to help me pursue the rectification of this issue.

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