06/11/2002: Press Release from EarthShell Corporation
Use of EarthShell Packaging Products Helps Department of the Interior Win Prestigious Environmental Award

(CSRwire) SANTA BARBARA, California - EarthShell(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: ERTH), innovators of food service packaging designed with the environment in mind, today announced that it learned the decision to use EarthShell Packaging(R) biodegradable plates and bowls in the headquarters cafeteria of the Department of the Interior (DOI) played a significant role in earning the top "Closing the Circle" Award for the DOI.

The "2002 Executive Order 13101 Award" is the only award of its kind that recognizes the best practices and procedures of an entire Federal agency in the areas of waste prevention, recycling and the acquisition of environmentally preferred products. Presented annually by the White House Task Force on Waste Prevention and Recycling, the Closing the Circle Awards were created to recognize the efforts of individual federal employees and/or federal facilities that result in making a significant, positive impact on the environment.

In his remarks during the 8th annual awards ceremony, held today at the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C., James Moseley, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, singled out the innovative food service products of EarthShell Corporation for their significant contribution to DOI's environmental initiatives at both headquarters and within certain National Park Service locations which also use EarthShell products.

"The Department of the Interior's successful evolution from a test site to a consumer of EarthShell products is a reflection of both our determination to produce high quality, environmentally preferable products and the Department's commitment to implementing environmentally and economically sound practices and processes that benefit our nation's resources," said Vincent J. Truant, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of EarthShell Corporation. "We are proud to partner with the DOI and we applaud their recognition as an environmental leader."

-EarthShell Packaging plates were used at the White House reception following the ceremony.
-EarthShell sandwich containers, plates and bowls are designed with the environment in mind.
Developed over many years using a "life cycle inventory" and in consultation with leading environmental experts, EarthShell products reduce the environmental burdens of rigid food service packaging through the careful selection of raw materials, processes and suppliers. The products are made primarily from natural limestone and potato starch. The new packaging poses substantially fewer risks to wildlife than polystyrene foam packaging because it biodegrades when exposed to moisture in nature, physically disintegrates in water when crushed or broken, and can be composted in a commercial facility (where available) or in your backyard. In addition, the company has recently introduced flexible packaging in the form of sandwich wraps that also have been developed using a "life cycle inventory." Like EarthShell's rigid packaging, the wraps also biodegrade when exposed to moisture and bacteria in nature and can be composted in a commercial facility (where available) or in your backyard.

EarthShell Corporation is engaged in licensing and commercializing its proprietary composite material technology for the manufacture of disposable food service packaging, including cups, plates, bowls, hinged-lid containers and sandwich wraps. In addition to certain environmental characteristics, EarthShell Packaging is designed to be cost- and performance-competitive compared to other food service packaging materials. Additional information may be found via the Internet at www.EarthShell.com.

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