1967 Law
Sec. 177.841

1990 Laws
Sec. 2803
Sec. 2805
Hazardous Act

Complete Law
Sec. 5701
Sec. 5702
Sec. 5703
Sec. 5704
Sec. 5705
Sec. 5706
Sec. 5707
Sec. 5708
Sec. 5709
Sec. 5710
Sec. 5711
Sec. 5712
Sec. 5713
Sec. 5714

Congress rewrote the Sanitary Food Transportation Laws in 1994, they acknowledged that food and other consumer products were being made unsafe because of certain transportation practices (See Sec.5701). They added section 5706 which calls for Dedicated vehicles so our food and other consumer products would be safe from these transportation practices. But, this is were it ended.They did not put in a way to uphold this section (5706). I currently found that the Department of Transportation Inspectors have not updated these Laws. The last laws currently in use were Redesignated Apr. 5.1967 (See Section 177.841 Division 6.1 (poisonous) and Division 2.3 (poisonous gas) materials). In my research I found new laws last revised in 01/26/98. Why haven't the new laws been put into use?

These Laws (49 USC CHAPTER 57 - SANITARY FOOD TRANSPORTATION) are well written except for the sections on enforcing them (I have changed the text color to red in some of the sections that prove my point).
The way it is now millions of people have to be poisoned before anything happens.
My proposal is sufficient in stopping these companies from making victims out of the citizens of the United States. Catching these companies in the act and penalizing them before we have victims seems smarter.

This is my proposed amendment to the Sanitary Transportation Law which
addresses a way to uphold the current Laws with no added expense to the taxpayers.

All trailers have to be inspected once a year and have an inspection sticker affixed on them to prove they have been inspected. To uphold Section 5706 (Dedicated Vehicles) of the Sanitary Food Transportation law, an amendment could be written that states, "when a trailer is inspected and is going to haul food or food products and/or food packaging, that trailer should have a letter F on the inspection sticker that is affixed to that trailer." The rest of the system is already in place. We have D.O.T. inspection stations all over the United States. When a truck is pulled into these inspection stations it is weighed; then the inspectors checks the manifest for the load that it is hauling and inspect the vehicle. What would be so hard in having the inspector look at the inspection sticker to see if this vehicle should be hauling the freight that is in it? When an inspector looks at the driverís manifest and then checks the inspection sticker, if there is an F on the inspection sticker and there are chemicals in the trailer or other toxic substances, the trailer would be impounded and the inspection sticker stripped from the trailer. The company should also be heavily fined.

Should you or your loved ones become victims before the blatant disrespect for these laws come to a halt?  


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