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The two companies I refer to are MPC Trucking (their parent company changed their name from Monsey Products Corp. to Monsey Bakor and is now a Canadian based company) and WR Grace which has contaminated the people of Woburn MA (Leukemia Poisoning in childern), and Libby Mt where approximately 2000 people have died and more are becoming ill from asbestos poisoning. When it is over more people will die in Libby than in the World Trade Center Bombing.

The spreadsheets show the laws being broken By MPC Trucking.

On the Amstar and WR Grace spreadsheets you will find some of the trailer numbers printed in Red, these are the trailers that have hauled asbestos before hauling food product. The trailer numbers highlighted in Yellow, are trailers that have hauled Monsey Products Corp. products before the food product. Monsey Products Corp. makes driveway sealer, roof coatings, paints, and in doing so uses highly toxic substances; Asbestos, coal tar, Anthracene, Naphthalene, and others.

Why did WR Grace think about buying insurance to cover asbestos claims about a year BEFORE the fact they poisoned the people of Libby MT. Did they know they poisoned these people and were trying to keep it inexpensive for themselves.

The President of WR Grace told the press that they went bankrupt because,``We believe that the state court system for dealing with asbestos claim is broken, and that Grace cannot effectively defend itself against unmeritorious claims,'' (Paul Norris, Grace's chairman, president and chief executive) .

He never told the press about how WR Grace loaded MPC's trailers with Styrofoam food trays after these trailers have hauled asbestos (which was/is against the law). This potentially poisoned people in NY, NJ, NH, VT, MA, RI, ME, and PA with asbestos poisoning.

Libby MT is not the first community WR Grace was involved in poisoning. Woburn MA was first, there was a movie made "Civil Action" staring John Travolta. The information in the links shows WR Grace's involvement.

To see how my case was handled by OSHA and the Courts go here.
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Should ANYONE SUFFER so companies like this can make a PROFIT???

Learn more about the affects of Asbestos here: http://www.asbestos.com/(This link opens in a new window)

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