These are the communications I have sent and received in regards to the issue The Sanitation Transportation Food Act and the safe transportation of all our food from 2000 to present.

On this page I am posting the actual E-mails from Congresswomen Gillibrand, the FDA and the Associated Press Writer Kevin Freking. These E-Mails and information I believed show the need for the Sanitary Food Transportation Act of 1990-1998 to protect all of our food supply. I have put this up to show just how slow the system has worked on this issue.

I have explained to Senator Gillibrand's Office that the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act has major flaws. Please Read My Explanation.

You can read the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act at and you can read section 416(b) of the Federal Food, Drug, and 16 Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 350e(b)) which is the sole regulation for SEC. 112. SANITARY TRANSPORTATION OF FOOD of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. And this is what the act is based on

I do not mean to be critical towards Congresswomen Gillibrand about this issue because she is the only one I have found that will look at this issue with me, but, clearly this is harmful to the American people and something must be done now!

Congresswomen Gillibrand staff thinks that there are laws to protect our food supply, but the FDA has yet written the guidance or regulations on the Sanitary Food Transportation Act of 2005 signed into law on August 10,2005, by President Bush. This Act only covers Tank Truck/Trailers/Rail cars (Approximately one third of the food supply); the Dry Vans/Rail cars and refrigerated Truck/Trailers/Rail cars are not protected under this 2005 Act.

The DOT refuses the responsibility of upholding the laws dating back to 1974 ( Hazardous Materials Transportation Act of 1974 as last ammended in November 1990) and are currently protecting our food supply with the 1967 law ( ).

These two E-mails show that I was in touch with Congresswomen Gillibrand about this issue before she was elected.
To Jill 11/13/06
From Jill 11/13/06

On February 17, 2007 I spoke to Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand in her Hudson Office and again she told me this issue would be one of her top priorities.
Sent to Brooke 5/01/07
Sent to Brooke 8/09/07
From Brooke 7/16/08
To Brooke 9/06/08
To Brooke 9/23/08

I feel that Congresswomen Gillibrand's office is not serious about this issue or maybe it's because I'm not a big enough lobby to make her office take notice of this issue. I need help to show her and other Congresspersons just how important this issue is to the American people.

After all if we are afflicted by a serious health disorder because of these practices we pay the health care cost NOT the transportation industry that caused it. Please write a letter to your Congressperson asking them to put a stop to the cross contamination of our food supply by transportation practices that make our food unsafe. If you don't have time to write your own letter, please consider using this one that I've composed.

The FDA has a Guidance notice ( Unfortunately this Guidance notice does not address the day-to-day decontamination of Trailers/Trucks/Rail cars. It only addresses the decontamination of Trailers/Trucks/Rail cars that have been affected by flood areas or otherwise impacted by hurricanes. However, this sets a precedent for why all Trailers/Trucks/Rail cars that haul our food supply should be decontaminated.

On 9/22/08 I received this E-mail from Michael E. Kashtock, Ph.D., Division of Plant and Dairy Food Safety, Office of Food Safety, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. If Mr. Kashtock would have read and paid attention to my E-mail he would know why The Sanitary Food Transportation Act of 2005 will not protect all the food that is transported within the U.S.

On 10/16/08 Associated Press Writer Kevin Freking wrote an article "FDA seeks advice to improve tracking of produce". I thought that Mr.Freking would be a good way of informing the public of this issue; but Mr.Frehing has other thoughts. Please read his E-mail to me.

However, something good came out of contacting Mr.Frehing; he gave me a way to make a comment to the FDA about improving the tracking of produce. Here is my comment.

I would like to thank the FDA's Valeria Jefferson, for posting my comment and Juanita Yates for her help.

There are companies like SYSCO that seek opportunities to enhance and improve the quality of the food for their industry. "SYSCO Takes Produce Safety Requirements To Higher Level" over a year before the FDA.These businesses should be commended.




I first went seeking help from Senator Schumer's Office. I met with Steven Mann (Office Representative) at the Albany Office of Senator Schumer, who suggested that I seek help from Congressmen Sweeney. He explained that Senator Schumer chooses what he will fight for and Mr. Mann did not think Senator Schumer would be interested in this cause. Mr. Mann then told me of a list of things Senator Schumer was interested in, and among them was GUN CONTROL. Stopping crime is honorable; gun control is one way. I am asking that Congress stops what they already know about (Read Section 5701).
I have never received a clear answer on why Senator Schumer will not help STOP the POISONING!

(posted: June 23rd, 2003, 9:04am on Today New York's senior senator comes to the Capital Region with a warning about terrorism. Senator Chuck Schumer says unsecured trucks pose a major threat to America. He is pushing for a federal law calling for background checks on truck drivers. It would also start a system to track trucks on highways. This comes on the heels of an arrest of an Ohio truck driver. That driver admits to plotting an attack on the Brooklyn Bridge and working with al-Qaeda.
I have been asking for his help to do something similar since 2000 to protect our Food Supply.
Maybe now we can help each other to remedy this situation.

I keep sending Congressmen Sweeney letters. Except for the letter referred to, I have not received any other responses. After receiving his response of 10/25/00 I found that Congressmen Sweeney is a co-sponsor of the Asbestos Compensation Act of 2000, which limits compensation to victims.
I found a news article which shows that the company (Halliburton) is supporting candidates for the votes to get this bill passed into law. Congressmen Sweeney name is on this list of donations from Halliburton.
Dave Gribbins, Halliburton's vice president for government affairs, added, "We give money to candidates for a variety of reasons, usually to those who are supportive of the business agenda, the things that are important to us, like taxes, trade or something specific like this asbestos issue."

I believe it is because of the ASBESTOS issue that Congressmen Sweeney will not respond to my letters.

Even though Congressman Sweeney is the ONLY representative to the HOMELAND Security for the State of New York his office will not HELP.

I contacted Senator Clinton because of the way she campaigned on health care. Since September 11, in Hudson NY, three Pakistani people were arrested for taking pictures near the Hudson reservoir. The article stated these people faced deportation. It is about time to protect our food in the same manner. Congress knows that companies have been poisoning our food by their unnecessary practices, yet these companies have not been prosecuted. Congress rewrites laws for companies, but prosecutes individuals for not knowing the law. What is the difference, the money that is donated (Companies give more).
Senator Clinton, don't you think if the American people were protected from companies that poison them it would HELP our HEALTH CARE SYSTEM?



Health Care

It is more important now more then ever to stop these companies from poisoning us. According to the Associated Press the government is going to stop Terrorist from contaminating our food: "The Agriculture Department has put veternarians on alert and wants more guards to protect its labs around the country that work with food pathogens. "Food security can no longer be separated from our national security," Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., said Thursday".
According to Congressmen and Senators who rewrote the Sanitary Transportation Food Law they know that the Trucking and Food industries have been using potentially harmful practices that are unnecessary and those practices must end.
This amendment will stop these practices;
Like Sen. Richard Durbin said:
"Food security can no longer be separated from our national security".

These News articles show, others are looking at this Issuse:

NEW To the United States Senate NEW
I have witten these essays. They explain different aspects of the issue.
Lets have companies like this rest-in-peace
instead of our loved ones!!!

Phone Calls

On September 30, 2002 I tape recorded my conversations with these offices in this order Senator Clinton was the only one to respond. I have not heard from Senator Schumer or Congressman Sweeney. Please listen and see what their offices had to say (Warning these files are large and may take time to down load (from 4.60 to 12.2 meg)).

Congressman Sweeney has been appointed to the Homeland Security Subcommittee on January 29, 2003. He is the only New York representative named to the panel charged with funding this critical new department. He called the appointment an "awesome responsibility" and believes the post will give him an opportunity to achieve important goals when it comes to delivering security to the American public.
He goes on to say; "There's no greater responsibility facing our Nation right now than the task of protecting our Nation's homeland". "Whether it's making our ports and borders in New York State safer, or improving our ability to collect and interpret intelligence, this appointment provides me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of my constituents."

Well Mr. Sweeney Why won't you help protect America's Food Supply?


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