The War on Parenting in America Waged By the States.

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Those of us that have lost children to a corrupt and fraudulent State Child protection agency and child support enforcement agency need your help.

Everyone must give pause with a State agency that will traffic children to keep the parents paying money to the state for the rest of their life. This is beyond cruel and unusual punishment for both the parents and the children!

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This is my true story with all court and supporting documentation included. My case takes place in Connecticut and is still going on More than 45 years as of 2023 and is done in a time line format.

On November 4th, 2022, I went to the Danbury courthouse on a family issue that's been running for approximately 45 years. I had a discussion with Assistant Attorney General Carolyn mee Wong. I told her that I was very upset when I found out that my children were running with the Latin kings from the time they were 11 and 12 years old. Her response had nothing to do with what I said. Her response was "you have to do what you have to do, and I have to do what I have to do." She then left the conference room and went into the courtroom.

Seeing that the state of Connecticut is just that corrupt, this is me doing what I must do!

Since I've been in grade school, we've been taught that in state government, the governor is the head of that state, and any wrongdoing of the state falls on the governor. I have spoken to several of your predecessors who told me they would not change how they treated parents. I take it that you have the same ideals as your predecessors?

Governor Lamont you must be so proud to be the head of a state that violates the rights of parents by trafficking their children. In 2014 and 2015 the federal government started a corruption and fraud case against the tSate of Connecticut that did nothing to stop the fraud and corruption within the family court system.

I know this because I have been fighting with the State of Connecticut for over 44 years for something that I never did wrong.

Before I get started telling you how my kids were taking, I'd like you to know that for my younger years my father did not trust my mother with me because she was very violent to meto the point of putting me in the hospital, so I was raised by my father, both grandmothers and my aunt on my father's side. It wasn't until I could defend myself from my mother that I was allowed to stay in the house with her.

She always told me and everybody that would listen that I wrecked her life. Evidently, she meant when I was born it wrecked her life mainly because I was her first child.

My story starts in 1978 when my first wife Linda came down with encephalitis meningitis and was in a coma for several months leaving me with two children to care for along with a job that I was working 90 to 110 hours a week (which I had to quit). To prove that my first wife Linda had encephalitis meningitis the only documentation I have is an August 22nd 1979 evaluation report which can be viewed at C2_Lindas_Evluation_Report

My mother offered to babysit for me for $100 a week and I felt I had no alternatives because I had to work and keep a roof over my children's head as well as feed them.

This was an awful lot for a 23-year-old to handle and it was only going to get worse.

When my wife Linda was in a coma, I had a meeting with three of her doctors that my mother sat in on. They told me that I should get a medical divorce because my wife would never be able to take care of the two children. The neurologist was the most vocal about me getting a medical divorce because after this meeting with them every time I saw him, he'd asked me if I had started the divorce.

I believe that is when my mother got the idea of kidnapping my children, telling social services that I abandoned them, and then putting them on social services to get more money than I was paying her.

It was about a week after we met with the doctors that my mother threw me out of her house using my brothers.

After I got thrown out of her house, I went to the Danbury Police Department and explained the situation that I did not abandon my children that my mother threw me out of her apartment at 385 Main St. Laurel Gardens. They told me that they weren't going into Laurel Gardens to help me get my children back, that this was a civil case, and they could do nothing to help me.

That same week I ended up at Family Court, Main St. Danbury CT, where I met Mr. DeGrazia who was a relative of my mother by marriage. Mr. DeGrazia was the head of child support enforcement and I believe but cannot confirm that Mister DeGrazia walked my mother through the system to put my children on social services. When I tried to explain to the judge that my children were kidnapped and that I did not abandon them Mr. DeGrazia spoke to the judge and the next thing I knew the judge was telling me that we were not here for that we were here to let you know how much money you're going to pay to support your children.

There was no custody study or investigation of any kind, just the words of my mother that said I abandoned my children and whatever Mr. DeGrazia said to the judge in their private discussion at the bench. Evidently the court didn't want to know the truth!

I do know that Mr. DeGrazia ran interference for my mother so I could not see my children. At one-point Mr. DeGrazia had me replace windows and doors in an apartment that he maintained with the promise that he would speak to my mother and have it so I could have visitation with my children which never happened after the work was complete for non-payment. I dealt with five years of Mr. DeGrazia's lies and deceit.

I would also like to add that all my payments had to be made in cash to Mr. DeGrazia's office on Main Street across from the courthouse. I tried handing him a check and a money order and was told to cash them and get him the cash.

I would also like to add that my mother lived in 385 Main St. Danbury CT from the late 1950s to mid-1984 this was the project called Laurel gardens which was the most violent place to live in Danbury CT.

When my wife Linda was released from the hospital, she became very close to my mother and decided that she couldn’t live with me anymore. I believe this was my mother convincing Linda that she couldn't live with me because my mother needed the money from my children to get out of 385 Main St. Laurel Gardens.

I was very confused and had nobody to turn to and didn't know how to react to many of the things that were going on in my life because of how my life was overturned.

I had picked up a girl at the Danbury Police Department at about 1:00 am in the morning. She was sitting out by the road, and I was coming home from work. She had two black eyes and was sitting in an area that was not safe. I spoke to her a little bit and she told me it was her father that gave her the black eyes and that the police would not do anything about it and this is how I got involved with Cynthia Laden.

After she stayed in my children's room for the night, I made her breakfast and told her that she had to leave because I had to go to work, and I thought that would be the end of it.

However, Cynthia had other thoughts: she would break into my house regularly while I was at work and invite her friends over.

I spoke to Mr. DeGrazia's about it. I took time off work several times to meet with Mr. DeGrazia and Cynthia's parents, James and Carolyn Layden, to try to get Cynthia to stop breaking into my house and put their family back together. This did not work!

When Cynthia became pregnant, Mr. Layden told me that I was going to sign the paternity papers, which I did.

Cynthia then moved back in with me for about 8 months after Steven was born. She then moved back to her parent’s house for approximately a year where I did not hear about or see Steven.

Evidently Cynthia found out where I was living and decided she had enough of her parents, and she moved back in with me, with Steven. That lasted about six months when she decided she had enough of both me and Steven and left. Cynthia left at the end of August/beginning of September with Henry Williams our upstairs neighbor. They went to upstate New York.

Cynthia returned late in December/ beginning of January and was pregnant again. After Cynthia had the baby, I was called into social services where I was told I was signing petition papers because Cynthia said I was the father. I tried to explain to the social services people that she left at the end of August/ beginning of September and Tiffany wasn't born until June. The fact that she didn't come back until after December shows I was not the father. Social Services of Danbury did not care and said, “You sign the paperwork or go to prison”, these were my alternatives.

I was an over the road truck driver that covered all lower 48 states and was rarely home.

A few months later in December 1981 I went to visit my children at Cynthia 's house and saw my son Steven through the window walking around with a tray of cocaine. This was 7:00 AM in the morning. I broke into the house to find Tiffany in her bedroom, and it looks like she was there overnight with nobody changing her diapers.

Cynthia never came home until almost 8:00 PM that night with two of her drug dealers in tow. I called Cynthia 's father who then came over to Cynthia 's house and beat me quite severely yet I was the one that got arrested by the Danbury Police Department. I was sentenced to AA with Cynthia. I refused to go because she was there, and I did not want to get in anymore altercations with her. I explained this to the judge and the case was dropped. However, I was not allowed to see my children Steven and Tiffany because Cynthia put a restraining order on me even though I was the one that was violently attacked.

In February of 1982 Cynthia abandoned the children again. There are two news clippings you should read. These articles can be viewed at: C5_Book_News_Times2_2_1983 and C42_Neglected_Child-1

When my children were abandoned this time, they're not sure how long Tiffany was in her bedroom without care, it could have been a week it could have been more. I could not find out about Steven right away. However I did find out afterward that Steven was left at his grandparents (Cynthia's parents), but the grandparents did not want anything to do with Tiffany and that is why she was left at Cynthia 's apartment in her bedroom.

I asked DCYS for custody of my son Steven and they told me that they had placed him with his grandparents James and Carolyn Layden. And because they placed them with the grandparents James and Caroline did not want me to have any visitation or any rights whatsoever, which Child and Youth Services of Connecticut agreed to. This violated my rights as a parent but there was nobody to complain to because this is a corrupt state agency.

However I was able to fight and win custody of my daughter Tiffany. You can see the paternity papers here: and

In 1982 after my mother moved out of Laurel Gardens, 385 Main St. and moved into the house that she had bought on 36 Jefferson Ave. I was asked if I could clear the brush in the woods out of the back of the house. My father was very ill and evidently my brothers didn't know how.

I took advantage of this to see my children in between working in her backyard. I also went to their school and introduced myself as their father. Letter from Park Ave. School.

After the job was done, I would no longer be able to see my children because my mother refused to let me.

It took several years for the state to do the custody study for Tiffany. However, Tiffany was living with us from February of 1984 until the close of the case which was in March of 1986.

On March 19th, 1986 the State of Connecticut gave me full and sole custody of my daughter Tiffany.

Then I've got papers from my first wife Linda that she wanted a divorce in that case went to court on May 9th of 1986 which can be viewed at with all documentation that was filed on my behalf:

On May 9th of 1986 I handed the judge a letter that I had written asking for custody of my children, a letter from Janice Quinlan who was the child abuse investigator for my daughter Tiffany, a letter from my counselor as I had been going to counseling for quite some time because of this. And I believe that is why the judge made the decision he made that I'd be the residential parent of these two children.

Leslie Raider was in the courtroom waiting to be seen by the judge on another case. Leslie stepped up and told the judge that she would be responsible for making sure that the custody study that he ordered would be done. Leslie Raider was the family relations officer for the Danbury courthouse. Here's a link to her business card:

Leslie Raider took over for Mr. DeGrazia. I never did find out why Mr. DeGrazia left. Was it because he was caught making people do things for them for nothing like you did me or did he retire? I don't know.

On June 9th, 1986, the State of Connecticut went back to the court to reinstate the old child support payments. This shows that Leslie Raider and the state of Connecticut violated the rule of law and never had any thought of doing the custody study that was ordered by the judge on May 9th, 1986 this shows it's all about the money. Here's a link to that document: I was not in the court at that time. I was working and I was never notified of this until much later.

In September of 1986 my then girlfriend, now wife, and I had to move out of New Milford Connecticut to upstate New York because Cynthia kept trying to steal Tiffany by driving by our house looking for her to be outside. I complained to the New Milford Police Department, and they told me they could not do anything until the child was taken. That is when we decided to leave for some place that my girlfriend, now wife was familiar with because I was still an over-the-road truck driver who traveled all 48 states.

After moving to New York, I would call Leslie Raider monthly to find out when she was going to have the custody study done. I never got to talk to Leslie Raider, but I did leave messages with her staff yet never got a reply.

Leslie Raider told me that I had visitation rights but refused to help me uphold my visitation rights. I would make appointments to see my children, drive 2 1/2 hours one way only for my mother to hide the children and not let me see them. I believe this is the way that the State of Connecticut protected my mother from not letting me see the children.

In 1987, Cynthia died of a drug overdose: view the death certificate in the newspaper article here.

On May 2nd, 1988, I was summoned to the Connecticut probate court for a hearing because Carolyn and James Layden had filed for adoption of my son Steven. About a week after the hearing my wife and I received an empty envelope from the probate court. When we called the probate court, we were told that there was nothing we could be told about the hearing or what happened afterwards. We then called the department of child abuse services who told us that the Layden’s had a restraining order, and I would never see my son Steven again because he had been adopted.

In June of 1988 my mother let me take my two children Charles and Rebecca to my house in Maplecrest, New York for the summer. My wife and I, along with Charles, Rebecca, Tara, Dina, Michael, and Tiffany had a real great time being a family together all summer long and I did not want it to end.

It had been over two years since Leslie Raider said that she was going to take care of the custody study so that Charles and Rebecca could live with us full time and I knew that was not going to happen because it does not take that long to set up a custody study.

So, I called my mother and told her I was not bringing the children back and I registered in Windham Ashland Jewett school.

Shortly after I told my mother I wasn't bringing the children back she called New York and made a child abuse complaint on my wife and I, (which she had done several times before since we moved into New York).

On August 12th, 1988, Penelope Fromer, an investigator for the Department of Child Protection Services of the State of New York showed up at our door. This was the first time that Penny showed up, all the other times her partner Mr. Baird did the in home inspections. My wife Joann explained what was going on and Penelope being the professional that she is, did a thorough investigation, especially since my mother said there was drugs and alcohol involved with the children.

On September 13 and 14th 1988 Mary J Schierberl of Connecticut legal services filed a motion to intervene on behalf of my mother Edna lake. View these here: in paragraph 2 of this addendum to the motion to intervene it is stated that the defendant, which is myself, Charles Lake, not Edna Lake should have residential custody of the children Charles and Rebecca according to the divorce of 1986. Because Leslie Raider refused to have the custody study done, I was held liable by the court as a criminal when it was the State that refused to do the custody study who was the criminal.

On October 5th 1988 my mother's attorney filed a motion for custody & restraining order which can be viewed here: this document shows that the state never did the custody study that was ordered by the court. There was also a memorandum that was attached to this dated October 4th 1988 view this here:

On October 31st 1988 I received the documentation to be in court on November 7th 1988 these can be viewed here: and

When my wife and I got the court date we contacted the New York Department of Child Protection Services, Penelope Fromer’s office to find out if the child abuse case that my mother called in was finished and if I could have paperwork to bring to the State of Connecticut.

Penelope Fromer did not know if we would get the paperwork in time showing that the case was unfounded for child abuse, so she wrote us a letter stating that no child abuse was found. And there were no drugs found in our house and that neither Charles or Rebecca had any knowledge that any drugs were being used this can be viewed here:

On November 7, 1988, I went to the Danbury courthouse and met with my mother's attorney Mary J Schierberl and Leslie Raider in a conference room. I tried to show Leslie Raider the paperwork from New York Department of Child Protection Services and Leslie Rader said that New York could not be trusted that their child investigation services are corrupt, and she refused to look at the documentation. My mother's attorney turned a ghostly white as if she could not believe her ears what Leslie Raider was saying. I did not know what to think or do. Then Leslie Raider told me that if I said anything thing yes to judge West that she would charge me with kidnapping, and I would never see the daughter that the state of Connecticut gave me well the stepchildren that I had or my wife ever again because I would not be able to leave the courthouse I would be going directly to prison.

I tried to plead to Leslie Raider because my son Charles needed counseling according to Ashland Windham Jewett school’s counselor and tried to show Leslie the school documentation I had. she refused to look at it.

After Judge West heard nothing from me because I didn't want to go to prison, the judge gave my children to my mother and gave me 3 hours to get him back to Connecticut.

Because there was such short notice my wife had to call the school and get the children home and packed. I got to the house just as my sisters arrived to pick up the kids. They were picked up that night right before dinner.

Although the official record for November 7th 1988 states that I have visitation and that I'm allowed to see the children please see parts one and two it can be viewed here: these visitations were never allowed by Edna Lake. I never saw my children again until I got a letter from prison when my daughter was about 21.

In 1990 my wife and I hired Wakelee & Isaac Attorneys at Law. Our attorney was Attorney Isaac. Attorney Isaac said he could not find anything on my older children Charles and Rebecca. However, he found that the state of Connecticut was still billing me for child support even after my son Steven was adopted on May 2nd, 1988, and the Child Support continued until 1/5/1991 and maybe beyond. Attorney Isaac said that he could not help us with our case because if he did, he would not be able to help other people with their cases because the State of Connecticut would not allow his firm in the courthouse. I now understand what Attorney Isaac was saying because of the corruption and fraud within the family court system his law firm would have been blackballed. You can veiw this documentation here:

On April 6, 1992, while I'm loading a load of food product at a food warehouse I was poisoned, and it made my life come pretty much to a halt. In the first eight years of this poisoning, I developed diabetes, I had 7 migraine induced strokes. Two of the strokes were so bad I had to learn how to walk and talk all over again. I had four heart attacks and I have a multitude of other health issues stemming from this poisoning. So, at this time of my life, it was hard for me to do anything, especially fight the State of Connecticut.

In 1993 the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Collection Services sent me a document stating that I owed $336.24 on the Child Support of Charles, Rebecca and Steven this can be viewed here:

On 1/20/1994 the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Collection set me a statement for $860.25 for the total of the Child Support owed because now all children were off social services and child support as they were all either over 18 or have been adopted. This can be viewed at:

On April 25th 1994 the state took my IRS return of $758.69 leaving a balance of $101.56 this can be viewed here:

In the late spring early summer of 1997, I received a letter from my daughter Rebecca from prison telling me that she was sentenced to five years for selling drugs to an undercover cop and that she was also pregnant. Her boyfriend that sent her to do this left the country to avoid incarceration. He went back to his native Columbia.

My wife and I did everything we could for her to make sure to get her into a halfway house and worked with her for years to get her life back together again.

In 2002 the state took our IRS return of $543 which is more than the $101.56 that was owed. This means the state took $441.44 more than what was owed for the total of my child support which this should have ended all payments to child support and can be viewed here:

In 2003 the State of Connecticut found out I was working a part time job at Columbia-Greene Community College while I was going to college and trying to get my life back in order. This can be viewed at: to view the list of garnished amounts from my pay from 2003 to 2004 can be viewed here:

I signed a garnishment document on June 30th 1986 and this is what the State of Connecticut used to garnish my pay in 2003

Not long before 6/15/2005 I was contacted by Mr. Rodriguez from child support enforcement over the phone and we discussed my case. I told him what my divorce said, and he told me he did not have that paperwork. I asked him if he'd go down to the other courthouse and get the paperwork. He told me he could not do that, that I would have to go to the courthouse on West Street in Danbury and pick up the paperwork or the divorce papers and bring him to his office on Main Street at the old courthouse so on 6/15/2005 I did just that. While I was at the courthouse on West Street the court clerk asked me if I wanted copies of other paperwork while she had the file out, I asked her if I could look through the file and I would take copies of things I did not have. So, the court clerk and I looked through the file and I found all the documentation Leslie Raider was supposed to send me but didn't and the court clerk made copies.

I thought that when I was going to take the copies to Mr. Rodriguez, he was going to have me arrested. But to my surprise he looked at the documentation where the divorce documents and apologized, told me he was sorry wasted my time and I never heard back again for about a year.

On 1/30/2006 I spoke to Mr. Rodriguez, who suggested I ask for a fair hearing because he could not make sense of my cases. This can be viewed here: and

When I went to the fair hearing, I was ambushed by Mr. Biesadecki, the child enforcement services representative Annie C Popolizio heard everything but because Mr. Biesadecki, did not know how to work on the computer The Child Support enforcement officer heard everything on our end but we could not here what she had to say clearly until somebody came in the room and fixed the audio. Annie C Popolizio was not in the room with us it was done by Internet connection. Annie C Popolizio stopped the hearing because it was getting so violent verbally and when it came to the next hearing Mr. Biesadecki, cancelled it. I spoke to Annie C Popolizio when I got home on the telephone, and she told me she heard everything I said and everything he said and told me not to stop fighting because she thought I was right. These files can be found here: and

In 2008 I was working with congresswoman Gillibrand’s office on safer food packaging material. I asked her lead legal liaison (Benedict B. McCaffree, Esq,. Ph.D.) if he would look at my child support issue. He said that was unusual but after I explained the situation, he said he'd be happy to take a look.

Mr. McCafferty had me contact the head of child support enforcement, which at that time was John Dillon, which I did. Mr. Dillon had me send a CD Disk with all my paperwork on it and Mr. Dillon had several investigators look at it and on 2/27/09 sent me a letter which can be viewed here: this letter did not sound right to myself or Mr. McCafferty legal liaison for congressman Murphy.

In 2009 and 2010 Congresswoman Gillibrand became Senator Gillibrand but her lead legal liaison (Benedict B. McCaffree, Esq,. Ph.D.) stayed in the office with the new Congressman Scott Murphy and wrote the letter to the Danbury court system you can view here:

On 5/10/2010 I filed a motion for modification with the letter from Congressman Murphy's office and it went to Judge Heidi Winslow.

Judge Winslow 's answer was “there is no prospect that this court would dismiss open or modify a divorce judgment from May of 1986 for any reason can turn concerning issues of custody which (that's not what I asked for) by its own terms the judgment entered custody orders the children are now in their 30s”. This can be viewed here on page 2 dated 5/11/2010:

This is a little out of sequence but this question must be asked; why did Judge Winslow hear the case on November 4th, 2022, after making this decision? Especially since Assistant Attorney General Carol Mee Wong objected to the judge hearing this case at all?

In 2013 and 14 Anne Stevenson wrote many articles about the corruption in the way the State of Connecticut deals with the family courts and treats parents. Anne Stevenson, is a Boston Massachusetts lawyer and writes articles for different news outlets.

On January 9th, 2014, Ann Stevenson testified before the state of Connecticut General Assembly. Her testimony can be found here on the Connecticut website:,%20Anne.pdf If the state of Connecticut takes this site down you can find it here: - Stevenson, Anne.pdf

Here are some other articles by Annie Stevenson and others. Stevenson _ Family Court in America.pdf in the hell is going on in family court _ - Victims and critics of the afcc _.pdf 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children _ HuffPost Latest News.pdf court employees face tough questions over conflicts of interest 130520-wash-times.pdf in Connecticut Many other articlesby_ ANNE STEVENSON.pdf _ 142990506 _ Roots of Injustice in Family Court and New Ideas for Reform_.pdf

On 1/16/2015 I contacted my congressman Chris Gibson for help on this matter see link

On 2/3/2015 my congressman sent the letter to the US attorney for the district of Connecticut the honorable Deirdre M Daily who was the head or lead investigator for the fraud and corruption charges that were pending against the State of Connecticut’s family court system. Here's a link to that letter:

On or about 2/22/2015 my congressman’s office contacted me by e-mail with the reply from the United States Department of Justice, Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer R Laraia. My congressman representative also told me that it would be safe for me to go back to family court and have my case heard fairly and honestly. But to make sure I filled out the documentation from the Department of Justice before planning to go to court. I did that a little hastily and forgot to make a copy for myself. Here's a link to that paperwork:

Because the congressman’s office assured me that the state of Connecticut was being overseen by the federal government, I would be giving a fair and honest hearing I tried contacting child support enforcement. It took several tries and a couple months before I got a call back from Michelle Lockwood.

The biggest thing that I would like you to know about this court case of 2015 is that the court dated the documents is for 2014. I believe this was done purposely; This is all part of the corruption making it so that people cannot find the documentation in the courts the documents are dated 2014 but the case was heard in 2015.!

Michelle told me I had to drive down to Danbury courthouse on 71 Main St. Danbury CT so that I could be served because the state of Connecticut could not serve me in the State of New York. I asked her if I was going to be arrested and if I was going to be arrested, I would have somebody drive me down so that my vehicle wouldn't be impounded. She assured me that I wouldn't be arrested, and we set up a date of 6/11/2015 for me to sign this the paper showing I was served. This can be viewed here: the dates that are shown here are wrong everything happened in 2015 not 2014 like Michelle Lockwood wrote in the paperwork. Before I sign these papers Michelle Lockwood told me I would get a fair hearing and they would look at everything I would bring to the hearing. So, I signed the paperwork showing I was served and the court date was 7/23/2015. This was the first of many court dates. I would also like you to see that the name of the case of the plaintiff was Edna Lake, which was my mother versus Charles Lake. On the other case it has Cynthia Layden versus Charles Lake. ( which is me) this will be changed in other court paperwork as if the court is incompetent.

On 7/23/2015 I appear in court in front of Magistrate Fusco. Michelle Lockwood opened for the prosecution telling the magistrate that this was a very old case and all the records have been lost or misplaced. The magistrate looked at me and they asked me if I had anything to say. I told him that Michelle Lockwood refused to look at any of my documentation from the State of Connecticut, even my divorce records before the hearing. Michelle Lockwood also told the magistrate that she (Michelle Lockwood) had never seen my divorce documents before. The judge ordered an audit. How do you order an audit on what the state says all of their documents we're either lost or destroyed? You can view this audit here: and

I find this rather funny because on 12/12/1990 there was a request for my divorce papers by the court please see: In 2005 Mr. Rodriguez who sat in the same office as Michelle Lockwood ask me to bring him a copy of my divorce two different times. In 2009 when I was working with John Dillon, I've sent him two different discs with all the documentation so why the family court keeps misplacing or losing this document can only be to keep the corruption and fraud going.

The judge ordered me to give Michelle Lockwood the divorce papers only even though I had much more from the state of Connecticut showing that this was a corrupt and fraudulent case brought by the state.

The case was continued several more times I don't have the dates readily available at this time. I do have more of the court’s documentation but the date of that is 7/22/2015 which is the day before the original hearing.

In this document it shows that AGG Mee Wong along with supervisor Abele Grillo were present. It states that the defendant disagreed with the amount owed. And I was ordered to meet with SES with documents to review arrearages.

In the meeting with AGG Mee Wong I was given less than 5 minutes because she didn't have the time to speak her coffee was getting cold. I asked her if she had an e-mail address, or a computer and I would give her the CD with all the documents that I gave the 2009 team that investigated my case she said. I do not have a computer and I do not have e-mail. Unfortunately for her I know how to find people's e-mail you can view it here:

In my meeting with Abele Grillo he refused to look at any and all documentation that I had and then print it out two copies one for each case and told me he could raise the amount of child support that I owe to match these two documents you can view them here: and

As for the overpayment, Mr. Grillo agreed that the docket numbers on the documentation from master collectors who my attorney hired were right but, then told me you can't cry over spilled milk just pay the damn bill. Then asked me if I needed a public defender.

I did not know that in family court in the State of Connecticut the public defender can only defend you against contempt of court and nothing else. They act a lot like enforcers for the mob.

Attorney Corea was appointed to me, and he gave me his card. It's nice to see that the State of Connecticut uses New York lawyers to promote their fraud and corruption.

I was then forced to sign documentation that the state could take money from my Social Security disability for the fraudulent and corrupt child support that they were charging me, or I would have to go to prison for two years before my case would be heard again according to AGG Mee Wong and Abele Grillo.

I knew I could not last in prison because I've suffered from cancer and all the other ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and things that the doctors don't even know what's going on with my health, so I signed the documentation just to get out of the courtroom and go home and not end up in prison.

On March 14th, 2016, I contacted congressman Chris Gibson's office again because I had not heard from honorable Daly from the Justice Department who was supposed to look in on my case that has already went by. This can be viewed here: I was never contacted by the congressman's office or honorable dailies office ever again. Here's the letter I wrote to honorable US attorney Daly:

All the letters I wrote between this case in 2015 and me going back to court in 2022 will be at the end of this document.

Ned Lamont was sworn into office as the 89th Governor of Connecticut on January 9, 2019. He began his second term on January 4, 2023.

On May 22nd, 2019, Michael Volpe wrote an article named: Minnie Gonzalez takes on judicial accountability in Connecticut. This article is about how Minnie Gonzalez was forced off the judicial committee because she was going after judges that were corrupt. You can view this here: or

Governor, did you or your Attorney General have anything to do with ousting Minnie Gonzalez from the judicial committee to keep the corruption going?

In January and February of 2022, I worked with the court clerk of the Danbury CT courthouse so that I could file a brief and exhibits which are exactly what AGG Mee Wong and supervisor Abele Grillo refuse to look at. These can be viewed here:

On March 24, 2022, I received an e-mail from Damary Mitchell who was the support enforcement officer that started handling my case in 2022. I could not believe what she was asking for Cynthia Layden’s e-mail address or phone number. Cynthia has been deceased since 1987: EMail asking where Cindy is.pdf or’s_Mom obituary.pdf Mrs. Mitchell was very surprised that Cynthia had passed away so long ago and the state had no idea.

On July 13th, 2022, I emailed Connecticut Marshall John Lepito the documents that he would need, and we discussed on the phone call to serve Assistant Attorney General Carol Mee Wong. Marshall Lepito told me to put attention: Alann in the subject line of the e-mail. Mail - Attention Alan_CT Marshall.pdf

The court hearing on 3/30/2022 was a bust because the court clerk's office lost the brief, and all the exhibits were misplaced or lost. Also, Judge Price had no idea how to handle his court over the Internet he could not find files or know how to work with the computer.

Magistrate Price opened this case, but it would not be heard until July,13 2022. This court date was also canceled. Here is an e-mail from April 26, 2022, that shows that the court clerk had not found the brief or the exhibits: Mail - RE_ 2 cases for Charles Lake.pdf

8/3/2022, I finally received my day in court, and it happened to be in front of the same corrupt Judge Faso that was the judge I was in front of in 2014 – 2015.

With one phrase Judge Faso upheld the corrupt 2014 -2015 decision, Res judicata; In Latin, res judicata means "the thing has been decided." It's founded on the principle that a final judgment of a competent court is conclusive and final. And again, the brief and exhibits were never considered by the judge.

However Assistant Attorney General Mee Wong did admit “this issue relates to 3 children in this file where the youngest child reached the age of 18 majority in 1994.” On page 18 of the transcript The judge wanted to know why it took seven years for me to come back to his courtroom. If the judge was listening (as stated on the bottom of page 17 into the top of page 18), he would have heard why. I was also accused of not serving Assistant Attorney General Carol Mee Wong and I explained that I had emailed the paperwork to the Hartford Connecticut Marshalls office, and it wasn't my fault they weren't served. This is in this transcript.,%20Linda%20vs.%20Lake,%20Charles%20and%20Layden,%20Cynthia%20vs.%20Lake,%20Charles%208-3-2022.pdf

I contacted Marshall Lepito Jr. by phone (860-224-1213) after the court case and asked why he didn't serve Assistant Attorney General Carol Mee Wong. His exact words were “I don't serve papers that I don't get paid for”! (John Lepito Jr. is on Pg. 2.)

I filed an appeal against the judge’s decision. I was not told I had a time limit in which to file the appeal and I ended up being one day late. No one at the court told me that I was late in filing this appeal, they just accepted the paperwork.

This brings us to November 4th, 2022. And like I stated above I had a short conversation with Assistant Attorney General Carolyn Mee Wong which led to the comment that she had to do what she had to do, and I would have to do what I would have to do and then she left the conference room.

My case was not the first to be heard by Judge Winslow and my wife and I sat through the other cases and the judge never asked why we were there or anything like that. Other people walked into the courtroom during the proceedings and the judge never questioned why they were there.

My case was the last to be heard and partway through the case somebody came into the courtroom and Judge Winslow had to know who he was, why he was there and if it had anything to do with my case. This is odd because she didn't ask any questions about the last cases when people walked into the courtroom while their cases were going on.

Because of several things that were said in the courtroom, mostly by Judge Winslow, I ordered the transcript. Here's the link to the transcript:

This transcript I assumed was edited because it was not in the same order in which I recall in the courtroom. Things were moved around. I wrote the transcriptionist and let her know that there were many things that the judge said that were not in the transcript, this is her reply: Here are some of the things that are not in the transcript but are very important and should have been in the transcript.

I started out with “Judge you refused to hear this case in 2010”. The judge responded “I remember.”

I saw that she had my brief and exhibits.( Since I had brought my files, I started to show her the five articles showing that the State of Connecticut was under federal investigation in 2015 when my case was heard. That's when Judge Winslow stated I have seen them, and you can't believe everything you read.” Even though this is not in the transcript, on the bottom of page 37 there is the conversation that proves this:

“MR. LAKE: I just figured that because they're that these were -- were marked so low and then, all of a sudden, they went up and the state was –

THE COURT: Yeah, but I tried to

MR. LAKE: -- under federal corruption charges because of -- of some of this stuff. And, I was, like, --

THE COURT: I've tried to explain. how those things are possibly misleading, and I can understand that you might have been misled by them, but I'm not. So, I -- I can't say that they helped your cause. And, in any case, you can't appeal the arrearage finding after 14 days. So, you know a hint I've given you as to what you might possibly do in the future.”

This is not the way this hearing ended; the way it ended was: Judge Winslow said “your child support may have been paid in 1994 but the state feels that because your children were on social services that social services and the State should get their money back”. Then she gaveled the hearing closed and told us we could leave.

So, if we look at that statement there are a few questions if you read this document. Should the state be rewarded for violating my rights as a parent by:

A Judge like Heidi Winslow should have known before she made the statement about my child supportha ving been paid in 1994 but social services wanting their money back was wrong. Why was this bill put on me when I was not the one who okayed the children to be fraudulently added to the State welfare system?

If the State of Connecticut did not like the fact that The Child Support, I was paying was inadequate to what they thought I should have been paying they should have sent me a bill 30 years ago when the Child Support ended making that clear.

By extending the Child Support for my lifetime without notification of why, on top of the State of Connecticut violating their own rules and laws to keep my children on social services/welfare with out any just cause is the definition of fraud and corruption.

If Judge Winslow didn't believe that I should read and comprehend older news articles showing the states fraudulent and corrupt ways maybe she should look at some of the newer articles. Here are a few of those articles. There are many, many, more because this has gone from a few states to most states violating parents’ rights. Family Court Cash-for-Kids Allegation_ AFC Melissa Needle Demanded Money for GAL Custody Outcome - Frank Report.pdf Family Court Cash-for-Kids Is Not Jewish, It's Non-Discriminatory Corruption - Frank Report.pdf's Family Court Scandal_ Ambrose Drama Unveils Web of Alleged Corruption - Frank Report.pdf Kids Can Be Sold to Anyone, If the Buyer Has Money in Family Court in Gov. Lamont's CT - Frank Report.pdf

On November 16th or 18th 2022 I received a package with no return address; when opening it up I found that it was my brief and exhibits with a letter which you can read for yourself: Returned Breif.pdf and original brief filing: . I am assuming the copy the judge had was more than likely printed off my website as I gave to court clerk permission to do so.

In January 2023 I had made another court date to try to bring the child support bill that I am paying monthly through my Social Security lower since my wife had retired. I received the documentation (which is now in storage) which told me the date but also stated that it was mandatory to be in the courtroom. Because I was moving, I was unavailable for this date. To my surprise, I received a phone call from the Danbury court system. I do not remember who the judge was but because of my hardship of not being able to pay for my medications the judge cut The Child Support payments in half of what they were taking out of my Social Security before.

This was the last time I had any communication with the court.

In the past two years since my wife retired, the State of Connecticut has taken approximately $11,000 from my wife through the IRS by way of our tax returns. This is also fraud since she is in no way libel for this bill.

The need for fair-minded, even-handed, honest, experienced judges is more important now because of what these corrupt family court judges and what is going on in our society. Our society needs our courts to deal with family critical issues honestly and fairly without the corruption and fraud that we have today.

Family courts should have the same procedures as criminal courts; if you're a criminal of any type whether it be murder, child molestation, child trafficking or just a thief you get a lawyer to represent you in court. On the other hand, in family court, you're not allowed to know the law, but you're held to the law that nobody will tell you what it is and if you can't afford a lawyer, it's too bad for you. This makes it easier for the state to take your children without consequence.

Here are the other letters that I have written between 2015 and 2022 in response to Judge Faso wanting to know what I was doing between 2015 and 2022 at the end of the hearing with him.

In 2019 I started to press the State of Connecticut because of my health. I called the office of Lt Governor Susan Bysiewicz and spoke to Adam Joseph and he gave me his E-mail address to give him the information. I never received a response.

In 2020 because of Covid-19 and my health I made an aggressive push to clear my name with the State of Connecticut. I am also showing just how corrupt the Family and Enforcement of Child Support Courts are with my story.

I would like to clear my Name from the Slander the State of Connecticut has used by way of the Federal LAW (Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act Which is linked to the Child Support Recovery Act) when the State was in the wrong. This was done by not doing any kind of investigation and then violating a Court Order to do an Investigation and Double Billing.

I started a complaint writing campaign to make Representatives aware of the Corruption that most Media will not cover:

Whistleblower Complaint sent by E-Mail 9/15/2020 reply received 10/23/2020 I have not heard from the Connecticut Attorney General's Office To-Date.

After waiting for over a year for the Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office to contact me about the fact that CPS has and continues to Defraud Parents by Over billing & Double Billing I contacted Maura Pardo, State of Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts who stated:

“Please accept this email as verification that your complaint, RWB 1212 was processed to the Attorney General’s Office in accordance with Section 4-61dd of the General Statutes on 10/27/2020. I know of no requirement that requires the AG to contact you, but if you have questions, please reach out to that office. Thank you.”

Evidently the Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office is just as corrupt as the CPS system because; the Attorney General’s Office main job is to uphold the States and Federal Constitutions.

By letting the CPS system go unchecked even after a Federal investigation for these same corrupt practices in the same Year, Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office is showing just how corrupt this State is.

American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut I asked the ACLU of Connecticut for HELP and sent a package on 10/9/2020. They sent it back RETURN TO SENDER I received it on 12/22/2020

US Attorney's Office New Haven Office Connecticut Financial Center Ph# (203) 821-3700 6/22/2020 and a Addendum to Complaint sent on 7/30/2020 No Response to these Correspondences To-Date

Senator Gillibrand's Office 4/17/2020 and 4/27/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date: I asked Senator Gillibrand in this complaint: Did the State make a mistake in 1978 by not doing an investigation and covering it up in 1986 by not doing the custody study that was Court Ordered thinking that 1988 decision would put an end to the question of Corruption or is there something more sinister going on?

Office of Congressman Antonio R. Delgado (NY-19) Liz Buono Constituent Services Representative 4/17/2020, 5/20/2020 and 10/30/2020 No Response to this last Correspondence To-Date

On March 25, 2021, I wrote Liz Buono Constituent Services Representative for Congressman Antonio R. Delgado (NY-19) I received a quick response saying that she would be out of the office and to contact Amanda DeSantis and Amanda said that Liz would contact me the week of 5th through the 9th. On 4/1/2021 I made Liz aware of the rally to bring change to Family Court and CPS across the United States held in Washington DC. No Response to these Correspondence To-Date.

Attached to this E-mail are items showing that there are members of Congress bringing awareness to the injustice of Family Courts and CPS here are Two:

The fact that on May 9, 2021 there will be a rally in D.C. to bring awareness to the REFORMS NEEDED to change the Family Courts and CPS within these United States.

Maxwell Prime has taken over my case at Congressman Delagdo’s Office.

While going through my old trucking paperwork I came across another State of Connecticut, Department of Administrative Services, Bureau of Collection Services notice this time dated 1/20/1994 for the total amount of the child support owed on both cases Totaling $860.25 not the over $29,212.69 According to Abele Grillo Supervisor of the Judicial Branch Court Operations Division, Danbury Connecticut said I owed in 2015 for Edna and Cindy.

This amounts to a $28,352.44 OVER BILLING!

I tried to explain to Mr. Prime in 4 E-Mails (6/9/21, 7/12/21, 8/11/21 and 8/24/21) 8/11/21 explains how crucial the DATE on this 1994 Bureau of Collection Services notice was as it was after the last of my children turned 18 and was emancipated.

I was then told that the Congressman must be careful not to come between the Powers of Government and writing a letter to the judicial branch it might be a breach of that power.

So, a Congressman informing the U.S. Attorney’s Office of a corruption case against the State of Connecticut is an infringement use of power?

The U.S. Attorney’s Office worked on the corruption of the OVER Billing and Double Billing of parents by the State of Connecticut from 2013 through 2015 and that did not stop the corruption by the State.

The 2019 Congress was Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to parental rights

Office of Governor Ned Lamont 4/17/2020 and 8/26/2020 No Response to these Correspondences To-Date

CT Rep Arconti 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

CT Rep. Abercrombie 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

CT Rep Allie-Brennan 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

CT Rep. Gonzalez 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

Connecticut is not the only State that violates the Constitutional and Civil Rights of Parents by way of the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act & the Child Support Recovery Act.

As you can see it seems that our Federal Lawmakers (Congress-people and Senators) are not willing to hold States accountable for violating the Constitutional and Civil Rights of Parents.

I have reached out to the Media in Connecticut and Nationally with no response to Date even though I supplied them with Media coverage that shows Connecticut has been under Federal Investigation since 1989 for the same issue I have been going through.