Points the CT Magistrate should consider that CPS Enforcement has refused to provide to other Magistrates. I am supplying the documentation that I have received from the State of Connecticut over the years that show the discrepancies I am disputing mostly after my children were emancipated adults. This is (Exhibit A).

1. My children (Charles and Rebecca) where taken by my mother not the State or any court. When my mother applied for State Aid the State took her word that she had legal custody and never investigated and started charging me child support. I was not allowed an Attorney to dispute what was going on and was told what and where I would pay. Note this is the same mother that could not be trusted to care for me until I was able to defend myself. My mother would say I ruined her life and that is why she beat me every chance she got as I was growing up.

2. 1986 after I went through a grueling custody study for a child not of the same mother as Charles and Rebecca, I received custody of my daughter Tiffany through the State of Connecticut. (Exhibit B) CPS Treatment Plan and Custody paperwork for daughter Tiffany.

3. About 2 months later in 1986 I showed all the Custody Study done for Tiffany to the divorce Judge, and he ruled that I should have residential Custody of Charles and Rebecca After a separate custody study. (Exhibit C) Divorce with supporting documentation.

4. After 2 years of asking for the custody study to be done and not being able to have visitation (due to my mother’s objection not anything court mandated,) in June of 1988 when I was allowed visitation, I decided to keep my children in New York where I was then living because of the blatant refusal of the State of Connecticut to do the custody study.

5. After 5 months of having my children, the State of Connecticut held an emergency court hearing (Exhibit D) Emergency Court Hearing where again I was not allowed an Attorney nor was I allowed to speak in my defense. The Child Support Enforcement officer also would not look at or allow the New York Child Protective investigation that was called in on 8/26/88 and was unfounded (Exhibit E) New York Child Protective investigation. My mother used the Child Protective System to keep control of my children by weaponizing the system by calling in child abuse against myself and my 2nd wife Joann since 1983 at least twice a year. NY CPS Caseworker Penelope Fromer (Exhibit F) NY CPS Caseworker Penelope Fromer wrote a letter because she did not know if the final report would be passed down before I went to court but because I was not allowed to speak or show the judge the letter it never became evidence. The Child Support Enforcement officer also told me that she did not trust another State to do the custody study that was ordered in 1986 and therefore she was going to make sure that I would not have my children just before we went into the courtroom!

6. 1989 my son Steven (brother to Tiffany and not the same mother as Rebecca and Charles) was adopted by his mother’s parents because CPS refused to give me or his sister visitation with Steven because his grandparents would not allow it (Exhibit G) Steven’s Adoption Papers. The Child support did not end in 1989 as I would assume since I was declared no longer his parent but instead it went to 1991 which is overbilling of that child support (Exhibit V) Letter from Attorney Issac with Master Collectors Itemized Statement). Because of the way Steven was abandon by his mother leaving Steven at her parents and abandoning Tiffany alone at her (Cynthia’s) house (Exhibit H) Copy of Police Blotter from Newspaper dated Feb 2, 1983. Cynthia and I were no longer living together as of December of 1982 when she abandoned the children. I was on the road as a long-distance driver. (More on this in the 2015 court proceedings).

7. 1992 I was poisoned on the job and was put on Social Security Disability.

8. 1992 to 2000 I was fighting for my life. 7 strokes, 4 heart attacks, diabetes, depression from losing my livelihood and my health had no time to think of anything other than that.

9. 1993 I received a bill from State of Connecticut Bureau of Collections for $336.24 for Charles and Rebecca; January 1993 Charles was emancipated, and the child support should have stopped. (Exhibit I) Bill from Bureau of Collection Services

10. 1994 after Rebecca was emancipated, I received a FINAL BILL from State of Connecticut Bureau of Collections for $860.25 (Exhibit J) FINAL BILL from Bureau of Collection Services; Charles and Rebecca for a Total of $524.01 and Steven’s for a Total of $336.24 child support. On April 25,1994 the State took my IRS return of $758.69 (Exhibit K) Letter from IRS dated 1994 which would have left a balance of $101.56.

11. In 2002 the State took my 2nd wife’s IRS return for $543.00 which is $441.44 more than the $101.56 that was owed. (Exhibit L) Letter from IRS dated 04/12/02

12. In 2003-2004 I work part time for Columbia-Greene Community College and The State Garnish my wages (Exhibit M) Notice of Income Withholding Order to the amount of $857.63 (Exhibit N) List of Garnishment Dates and Amounts for 2003-2004; add the $441.44 to this and currently it is an Overpayment of $1,299.07 in 2004.

13. In April 2006 I received a letter from the State of Connecticut Dated April 21, 2006, Stating "This hearing is being dismissed because our records indicate the issue in dispute was resolved." (Exhibit O) Notice of Dismissal of Administrative Hearing Nothing was resolved! There was no amount on the letter saying the support owed was paid off, no indication that I had been released from the Dead-Beat Dads list and when I called to get clarification, no one would call me back!

14. 2008-2009 John Dillon Department of Social Services Bureau of Child Support Enforcement 25 Sigourney Street Hartford said that he would have a complete audit done but never took in to account my divorce or the fact that I had gained full custody of my daughter Tiffany in 1986 or that Cynthia died on 7/7/87 or that Steven was adopted in 1989. John’s conclusion was the State was within their right to charge the child support but, not about the amount owed or the overbilling (Exhibit P) Letter from Mr. Dillon and Cynthia’s Death Certificate).

15. 2010 I spoke to my congressman’s office (Congressman Murphy’s office) and was advised to file for a court hearing. After filing with the congressman’s letter Judge Winslow canceled the court hearing saying it was too old to hear. (Exhibit Q) Letter from Congressman Scott Murphy’s Office (Exhibit R) Motion for Modification and Judge Winslow’s Cancelation)

16. 2013-2014 I asked congressman Gibson’s office for help. The congressman’s office wrote the U.S. Attorney General’s office. The USAG’s office sent paperwork to fill out and the congressman’s office told me to contact the Child Support Enforcement of Danbury and my case would be justly reviewed. The congressman’s office also showed that the CPS of Connecticut was under Federal Corruption for Overbilling and Double Billing. (Exhibit S) Letter from Congressman Chris Gibson (Exhibit T) Letter from U.S.A.G’s office (Exhibit U(I have broken this Exhibit up for this website Exhibit U1 Exhibit U2 Exhibit U3 Exhibit U4 Exhibit U5)) these are several articles on Connecticut’s Corruption within CPS and CPS Enforcement)

17. 2014-2015 I was in court several times, the first time in front of Judge Fusco, where Michelle Lockwood told the judge that this was a very old case and that most of the paperwork was lost. The judge let me speak and I showed him paperwork including my divorce paperwork. Mrs. Lockwood said she never seen the divorce paperwork, so the judge called her supervisor Mr. Grillo who also said he never seen the divorce paperwork. I thought this was very odd because I drove 2 ½ hours in 2005 and gave a copy of the divorce paperwork to Mr. Rodriguez, whose office was the same one as Mrs. Lockwood. I also sent 2 CDs to Mr. Dillon and both CDs had the divorce paperwork on them. Because Mrs. Lockwood could not get me to comply with a payment agreement and to admitting that I owed this money, I was handed up to her supervisor Mr. Grillo. Even though The State admitted that the paperwork was lost, the judge ordered an audit; How do you audit lost paperwork? Mrs. Lockwood and Mr. Grillo refused to look at never mind evaluate the documents that were sent to me by the State of Connecticut, and I was ready to give to them again. All they would say to me is I had to pay what the State was now saying I owed. Mr. Grillo became hostile every time I went back to court.

a. When forced to look at the fact I was being overcharged for my son Steven (Steven was adopted in 1989 but his child support went to 1991 (Exhibit V) Letter from Attorney Issac with Master Collectors Itemized Statement) Mr. Grillo said the account numbers are that of Steven’s case but, “you can’t cry over spilled milk you are going to pay what we are charging you.” In 2009 Mr. Dillon said that the case numbers did not match; but Mr. Grillo was right about the account numbers they do match. Is this a cover up?

b. I explained to Mr. Grillo that the State refused to do the court ordered custody study from 1986 therefore the State is in the wrong. Mr. Grillo response “the statute of limitations has run out and now the State owns you and there is nothing you can do about it.” How does a person without means force a government entity like CPS to honor a court order?

c. Mr. Grillo took us (my wife and I) into his office and proceeded to add up all the child support that would have been owed according to what payments Edna Lake received and payments to Cynthia Layden (Note, Cynthia was passed when some of these monies were disbursed) (Exhibit P) letter from Mr. Dillon and Cynthia’s Death Certificate) He printed them out and told me “If I continued to fight this, he would raise the support to the total amount as if I never made a payment.” This told me that the corruption that the Federal Attorneys office either was not yet over or never changed the way the State did business and the Hell with Federal Laws.

d. We (my wife Joann and I) showed Mr. Grillo a copy of the letter my Ex- sister-in law wrote (Exhibit W) Letter from Karen Cantatore. This letter shows that it was not about the children it was about the MONEY for my mother Edna and how she was collecting money from everybody and defrauding the State of Connecticut. Mr. Grillo told us this letter might have been good back at that time, but it is not going to help you today! It seems that Edna and the State of Connecticut think the same way IT IS NOT ABOUT THE CHILDREN IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY!

e. This was sent to Edna and sent to me much later; a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $11,284.45! This is for the Child support of Charles and Rebecca 10/4/2003 (Exhibit X) Quarterly Notice of Child Support Collections October 2003 Sent to Edna Lake

f. 12/30/2006 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $17,908.67! (Exhibit Y) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case:Edna Lake dated 12/30/2006

g. 8/31/2014 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $17,100.82! (Exhibit Z) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case:Edna Lake dated 8/31/2014

h. 1/31/2004 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a Total of $524.01 This is for the Child support of Steven. (Exhibit AA) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case: Cynthia Layden dated 1/31/2004

i. 7/17/2004 I received a bill from child support enforcement for the same amount of a Total of $524.01 for the second time! (Exhibit BB) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case: Cynthia Layden dated 7/17/2004

j. 12/30/2006 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a Total of $4,394.96! (Exhibit CC) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case: Cynthia Layden dated 12/30/2006

k. 8/2/2014 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a Total of $4,166.81! (Exhibit DD) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case: Cynthia Layden dated 8/2/2014

L. I was given a public defender the last time I was in court, and it seems to me that the State gives a public defender in family court only to help extort the family member that has been put in contempt of court because they are showing to owe child support. This public defender is not allowed to help bring attention to the mistakes that CPS Enforcement has made that may make a difference in the ruling of the case. I know because I tried to get him to do it. I was told either make a payment agreement and have my SSDI garnished and be forever on the Dead-Beats Dad’s list because I would never pay off what is owed, or I could go to prison and lose my SSDI and my freedom. Extortion is a mainstay of organized crime and the fact that the State uses public defenders only to give parents 2 options pay or prison; confirms the fact that the court is using the meaning of contempt literally as the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn. This is exactly how/why the State CPS Enforcement has been under Federal investigation for corruption. How many parents have gone to prison because of this fraud?

Currently the bills I have received from CT (and am still disputing) for Cynthia Layden File number 10027363 dated 1/22/22 a balance due of $2,549.58 (Exhibit EE) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case: Cynthia Layden dated 1/22/2022 with a payment of $179.44. For Edna Lake File number 10046548 dated 1/22/2022 a balance due of $13,742.27 (Exhibit FF) Bill from Bureau of Child Support Enforcement for Case: Edna Lake dated 1/22/2022 with a total paid receipt of $297.96 received. What I would like to know is where did the stimulus money of $2400 go that the Federal government sent to CT? (Exhibit GG) Letter from U.S Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Services payment of $2,400 date of 05/06/2020