The War on Parenting in America Waged By the States.

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This is my true story with all court and supporting documentation included. My case takes place in Connecticut and is still going on More than 42 years as of 2020.

Congress has held Parents accountable to the States but, has not overseen the States to protect the Parents or Children from the States even though we have Federal Laws that state.

May v. Anderson (73 S. Ct. 840 1952)

The United States Supreme Court noted that a parent's right to "the companionship, care, custody and management of his or her children" is an interest "far more precious" than any property right. 345 US 528, 533; 73 S. Ct. 840, 843 (1952)

I have had a break in my Child Support Cases after almost 43 years. I have been granted a hearing on 3/30/2022 complaint and all Exhibits that shows how Corrupt the Connecticut CPS Enforcement is.

The court hearing on 3/30/2022 was a bust because the court clerk's office lost the brief, and all the exhibits were misplaced or lost.

Magistrate Price opened this case, but it will not be heard until July,13 2022. This court date was also canceled.

. 8/3/2022, I finally received my day in court and it happened to be in front of the same corrupt Judge Faso that was the judge I was in front of in 2014 – 2015.

With one phrase Judge Faso upheld the corrupt 2014 -2015 decision, Res judicata; In Latin, res judicata means "the thing has been decided." It's founded on the principle that a final judgment of a competent court is conclusive and final.

It was like Judge Faso did not know about the State of Connecticut being under Federal Corruption charges; Federal Corruption Task Force “Feds, struck by “persistent' criminal behavior by public officials in Connecticut,”in 2014-2015 when I was in his courtroom last. There are 4 more news articles in my brief exhibits U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 which show that Connecticut was very adept at violating Parents Rights. Evidently the Federal Corruption Task Force did not even slap the States wrist and has let the corruption continue.

In July I sent a shorter brief as requested along with the court paperwork and told the court to use the exhibits from the longer brief. This brief is short and to the point and shows just how the State of Connecticut Over Billed and Double Billed me for Child Support. I believe that not one word of these documents I provided were ever considered.

Judge Faso should be removed from the bench and all his cases reviewed!

I picked up the transcript at the Danbury Connecticut Courthouse on 9/2/22 and I filed for an appeal. If you read the transcript there is no mention of anyone stating that they seen or read the Brief and Exhibits that I delivered to Connecticut and were filed with the Motion to Open Showing the Fraud. Everything was about covering up the corruption of the past.

This proves that the Federal Taskforce did not do their jobs. They left Corrupt Judges on the bench, Corrupt Assistant Attorney Generals in office and shuffled the Corrupt Support Enforcement Officers to other districts to cover-up and to continue the Corruption and Fraud against Parents.

However Assistant Attorney General Mee Wong did admit “this issue relates to children in 3 this file where the youngest child reached the age of 4 majority in 1994.” This is on page 4 of the transcript.

Here are the 2 Appeals that I filed:

Edna Lake V. Charles Lake AKA by court Linda Lake v. Charles Lake. DBD-FA-85-0287 428-S

Cynthia Layden v. Charles Lake DBD-FA- 144018720-S

In 2019 I started to press the State of Connecticut because of my health. I called the office of Lt Governor Susan Bysiewicz and spoke to Adam Joseph and he gave me his E-mail address to give him the information. I never received a response.

In 2020 because of Covid-19 and my health I made an aggressive push to clear my name with the State of Connecticut. I am also showing just how corrupt the Family and Enforcement of Child Support Courts are with my story.

I would like to clear my Name from the Slander the State of Connecticut has used by way of the Federal LAW (Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act Which is linked to the Child Support Recovery Act) when the State was in the wrong. This was done by not doing any kind of investigation and then violating a Court Order to do an Investigation and Double Billing.

I started a complaint writing campaign to make Representatives aware of the Corruption that most Media will not cover:

Whistleblower Complaint sent by E-Mail 9/15/2020 reply received 10/23/2020 I have not heard from the Connecticut Attorney General's Office To-Date.

After waiting for over a year for the Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office to contact me about the fact that CPS has and continues to Defraud Parents by Over billing & Double Billing I contacted Maura Pardo, State of Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts who stated:

“Please accept this email as verification that your complaint, RWB 1212 was processed to the Attorney General’s Office in accordance with Section 4-61dd of the General Statutes on 10/27/2020. I know of no requirement that requires the AG to contact you, but if you have questions, please reach out to that office. Thank you.”

Evidently the Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office is just as corrupt as the CPS system because; the Attorney General’s Office main job is to uphold the States and Federal Constitutions.

By letting the CPS system go unchecked even after a Federal investigation for these same corrupt practices in the same Year, Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office is showing just how corrupt this State is.

American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut I asked the ACLU of Connecticut for HELP and sent a package on 10/9/2020. They sent it back RETURN TO SENDER I received it on 12/22/2020

US Attorney's Office New Haven Office Connecticut Financial Center Ph# (203) 821-3700 6/22/2020 and a Addendum to Complaint sent on 7/30/2020 No Response to these Correspondences To-Date

Senator Gillibrand's Office 4/17/2020 and 4/27/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date: I asked Senator Gillibrand in this complaint: Did the State make a mistake in 1978 by not doing an investigation and covering it up in 1986 by not doing the custody study that was Court Ordered thinking that 1988 decision would put an end to the question of Corruption or is there something more sinister going on?

Office of Congressman Antonio R. Delgado (NY-19) Liz Buono Constituent Services Representative 4/17/2020, 5/20/2020 and 10/30/2020 No Response to this last Correspondence To-Date

On March 25, 2021, I wrote Liz Buono Constituent Services Representative for Congressman Antonio R. Delgado (NY-19) I received a quick response saying that she would be out of the office and to contact Amanda DeSantis and Amanda said that Liz would contact me the week of 5th through the 9th. On 4/1/2021 I made Liz aware of the rally to bring change to Family Court and CPS across the United States held in Washington DC. No Response to these Correspondence To-Date.

Attached to this E-mail are items showing that there are members of Congress bringing awareness to the injustice of Family Courts and CPS here are Two:

The fact that on May 9, 2021 there will be a rally in D.C. to bring awareness to the REFORMS NEEDED to change the Family Courts and CPS within these United States.

Maxwell Prime has taken over my case at Congressman Delagdo’s Office.

While going through my old trucking paperwork I came across another State of Connecticut, Department of Administrative Services, Bureau of Collection Services notice this time dated 1/20/1994 for the total amount of the child support owed on both cases Totaling $860.25 not the over $29,212.69 According to Abele Grillo Supervisor of the Judicial Branch Court Operations Division, Danbury Connecticut said I owed in 2015 for Edna and Cindy.

This amounts to a $28,352.44 OVER BILLING!

I tried to explain to Mr. Prime in 4 E-Mails (6/9/21, 7/12/21, 8/11/21 and 8/24/21) 8/11/21 explains how crucial the DATE on this 1994 Bureau of Collection Services notice was as it was after the last of my children turned 18 and was emancipated.

I was then told that the Congressman must be careful not to come between the Powers of Government and writing a letter to the judicial branch it might be a breach of that power.

So, a Congressman informing the U.S. Attorney’s Office of a corruption case against the State of Connecticut is an infringement use of power?

The U.S. Attorney’s Office worked on the corruption of the OVER Billing and Double Billing of parents by the State of Connecticut from 2013 through 2015 and that did not stop the corruption by the State.

The 2019 Congress was Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to parental rights

Office of Governor Ned Lamont 4/17/2020 and 8/26/2020 No Response to these Correspondences To-Date

CT Rep Arconti 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

CT Rep. Abercrombie 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

CT Rep Allie-Brennan 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

CT Rep. Gonzalez 6/13/2020 No Response to this Correspondence To-Date

Connecticut is not the only State that violates the Constitutional and Civil Rights of Parents by way of the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act & the Child Support Recovery Act.

As you can see it seems that our Federal Lawmakers (Congress-people and Senators) are not willing to hold States accountable for violating the Constitutional and Civil Rights of Parents.

I have reached out to the Media in Connecticut and Nationally with no response to Date even though I supplied them with Media coverage that shows Connecticut has been under Federal Investigation since 1989 for the same issue I have been going through.

My case started in 1978 with NONE of my Rights being upheld as if I was in China, Russia or North Korea and this did not change in 1986 or in 2014-2015 and this will be the same until the Federal Government puts an end to the Corruption of these Courts Nationwide.

This is how my experience started with the State of Connecticut in 1978!

I have been a trucker and a carpenter all my life. I have never been an attorney or know how the law works which will be very evident as you read my story. I was taught in school that our constitutional rights are protected and the courts protect these rights; I know now through experience that this is not true!

I have been on the Deadbeat Dads list for about 42 years and counting as of 2020; I am not bragging, I'm telling you this because I should not have been on this list and am tired of being quiet about it. I believe it's appalling that the State of Connecticut has let this issue stand for over 42 years when the situation could have been settled and a non-issue if they did a custody study in 1978 instead of unquestionably allowing my mother to take my children (Charles and Rebecca ) and go on welfare (social services or public assistance) with them.

It's even more appalling that in my divorce in 1986 the judge called for a custody study to be done as a part of my divorce so I could have residential custody of Charles and Rebecca and the State refused to conduct this custody study violating the rule of law. A Judge gave an order and it was never carried out by the State of Connecticut who was claiming that the children at this time were wards of the State.

My other two children, Steven and Tiffany, were abandoned by their mother on February 2, 1983. I was told Steven was taken to his grandfather's house by the Department of Child and Youth services when I met with a worker and the police at the hospital. Cindy and I were separated at this time but I was alerted to what was happening and made it to the hospital before the police. Tiffany was in the hospital for an extended period of time due to her injuries of being abandoned. I never saw Steven again (as a child) because Connecticut Child and Youth services honored the grandfather's request that I do not see Steven or even let his sister visit him . Steven’s grandfather was granted an order of protection to keep us from him. I've since learned this violated my due process as a parent!

However, I was given an opportunity to fight for custody of Tiffany. After the Connecticut Department of Child and Youth Services did an extensive study of me, my living arrangements and life style; and after an 18 month investigation,(C42_Neglected_Child-1 and C7_Review_of_Treatment_Plan_Tiffany) I was awarded full and sole custody of Tiffany in 1986 (C8_Order_of_Commitment).

This is why the judge suggested a custody study of my two older children, Charles and Rebecca as part of my divorce and that I have residential custody until the State did their study! I had already proven that I had a stable household.

I also want to make clear that I’ve done nothing wrong to ever be on the Dead Beat Dad list which has hampered me and my family for 42 years and counting.

Here's my story with court documentation to back it up and laws that show the State is corupt.

In 1978 my then wife, Linda, came down with encephalitis meningitis and was in a coma for several months. At this time we had two children, Charles, who was born 1975 and Rebecca, born on 1976.

I was a 23 year old man with two children and a wife that they weren't sure if she was going to live or die. I had to make arrangements for the care of my children so I could continue working and paying the bills.

My mother came to me and told me she would take care of Charles and Rebecca for $100 a week. That was a lot of money for babysitting at the time, especially for a family member and even more so because this is my mother who knew what I was going through, But I was a hardworking man and was willing to pay.

At the time, I was working for Master Foods Incorporated out of Danbury Connecticut as a truck driver and my average week of work consisted of approximately of 90 hours per week. I left Master Foods for a job at Agway Feed and Grain, where I was the warehouse manager at their New Milford Connecticut facility. I did this so I could be home more; here I only worked 40 hours per week.

It was a very large cut in pay because I now only worked 40 hours a week at approximately the same amount per hour. I worked at New Milford Agway for approximately a year paying my rental on my apartment, paying for my utilities and the $100 to my mother every week for babysitting; and all the doctor bills coming in from my wife; this pretty well kept me broke.

One of my wife's doctors approached me and my mother in the hall of the hospital and told me that he did not feel that my wife was going to get any better and that I should get a divorce and move on with my life (C2_Lindas_Evluation_Report).

It was at this time that I received a letter from the State of Connecticut Child Support Division stating I had to be in court and that I owed child support for Charles and Rebecca dating back approximately a year. I did not understand.

I was paying my mother $100 a week and I was taking the children home at night and weekends but evidently it was not enough for my mother.

When I went to court I was told I was a liar I never paid my mother a dime and that she deserved to be compensated for the babysitting especially since I abandon my children at her house. I told them that was not true and that I was paying my mother a $100 a week for babysitting only during the day and I took my children home at night and on weekends.Again I was told I was a liar and with no investigation the child support enforcement officer kept telling me I was a liar and I had no right to my children.

Everything was on my mother's word! He brought me before the judge, I was not afforded representation (an attorney) and I was told I was going to pay child support and I had no right to my children, again without an investigation into what were the facts!

The only question the judge asked me was for receipts showing I paid my mother. I explained to the judge that it was my mother and I did not ask her for a receipt for the money. He said without a receipt he had to go with the State order that I pay child support along with the arrearage dating back to when my mother said the children were abandoned.

That's right, not even the judge ordered that a study be done to find out who was telling the truth.

I have found this is against my rights: "State Judges, as well as Federal, have the responsibility to respect and protect persons from violations of federal constitutional rights. Gross v. State of Illinois, 312 F 2d 257; (1963) C3_Peter STANLEY, Sr., Petitioner, v. State of ILLINOIS.(1972 ). C4_Quilloin v. Walcott, 98 S Ct 549; 434 US 246, 255^Q56,(1978) , " Stanley v. Illinois is the closest to my case!

Points I would like to make: I was never investigated for child abuse or neglect or anything else by the State of Connecticut for Charles and Rebecca (Case ONE: File Number 10046548) from the start that warranted their removal from my care. Leslie Raider interviewed me in her office in 1986, but this meeting was not for any accusations of abuse. All of this was done on the hearsay of my mother Edna Lake the one looking to profit!

While she was living at 385 Main Street APT. D1 Danbury Connecticut; State Public Housing called Laurel Gardens. In a three bedroom with my father, Charles Sr., Brothers: Douglas and Kevin, Sisters: Robin and Charlene. My children made 8 people in a small 3-bedroom State run apartment complex. My mother just took my children.

Even though I contested the way the children were taken and how they were living I was told by the State that I still had to pay because a relative had a right to the children and a right to be compensated for caring for those children. I was capable of taking care of my own children but was being told, without due process, that I had no rights to care for them only the right to pay for them.

I now know that this was in violation of my civil rights and it also violated my Constitutional rights;

“The Constitution also protects "the individual interest in avoiding disclosure of personal matters." Federal Courts (and State Courts), under Griswold can protect, under the "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" phrase of the Declaration of Independence, the right of a man to enjoy the mutual care, company, love and affection of his children, and this cannot be taken away from him without due process of law. There is a family right to privacy which the state cannot invade or it becomes actionable for civil rights damages. Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 US 479,(1965)”.

I did not know this at the time and I was not allowed a lawyer and could not afford one anyhow because of the medical costs that were being incurred while my wife lay in the hospital.

It was at this time I found out that my children were wards of the State of Connecticut and my mother was nothing more than a foster mother!

Even though I paid child support, my mother would not allow me to see the children. The Family Court officer assigned to my case was Mr. DeGrazia ; my mother’s sister’s husband’s brother (since he was a relative wasn’t this a conflict of interest ?)

He sided with my mother and made excuses about why he would not arrange visitation for me but made me pay the Child Support.

I would say if I saw my children 5 times legally from 1978 to 1982 it was a lot; however, my father would bring the children to see me behind my mother's back.

"The U.S. Supreme Court implied that "a (once) married father who is separated or divorced from a mother and is no longer living with his child" could not constitutionally be treated differently from a currently married father living with his child. Quilloin v. Walcott, 98 S Ct 549; 434 US 246, 255^Q56, (1978)."

I also found that my brother Gary and his wife Karen took care of the children for approximately a year at their house and never received any money even though my mother was getting paid by welfare to care for the children. This was confirmed in a letter from Karen in 2014. (C33_Book_KarenLetter.pdf) This was one of the ways that my mother hid the children from me.

Mr. DeGrazia's most famous saying when I asked about visitation was; "you are not going to see your kids until I see the color of your money". When the children started going to school, that was my only way of keeping track of them. I have some of the paperwork to prove this.

On 2/2/83 Tiffany and Steven (Case TWO; File Number 10027363) were abandoned by their mother Cindy (C5_Book_News_Times2_2_1983

Steven was taken to the police department (not the hospital) and I was never allowed to see him again until he turned 18 years old (C6_Notice_of_HearingMay2_1988).

I was also told by DCYS (Department of Child and Youth Services) that the Layden’s had a restraining order so I could not see Steven.

Again it was all done without due process of law violating my Constitutional rights!

And this is the same department who eventually did an 18-month investigation in relation to Steven's sister and knew I was not a threat to my children.

This was not the first time that Cindy abandoned the children.

There are other times: Shortly after I received paperwork to go to court for child support for Steven, when he was about 1 year old, Cynthia moved back to her parents. Cynthia started showing up at my work looking to move back in with me.

We went and found an apartment on Beaver Brook Road and she moved in for about 8 months.

All of a sudden she was gone but left Steven with me.

After about a week, the upstairs neighbor let me know that Cynthia left with their son Henry Williams (aka. Spike).

She was gone at the time of the last Danbury Fair (1981), I remember because James & Carol Layden (Cynthia's Parents) came to Beaver Brook Rd and asked if they could take Steven to the Fair, because it was the last year, I let them.

While Cynthia was gone I went to Social Services (Main Street Danbury office) with Steven and explained that I had Steven and Cynthia was in upstate New York. Even though I was caring for the child I was still being charged support and wanted it straightened out.

The person I spoke to at the Social Services office did not believe me and sent me on my way. Social Services would not acknowledge that Cynthia spent time in jail (TEN DAYS) in upstate New York at this time for hitch hiking on a state road (I don't know what county). What I was saying could have been verified if anyone bothered to take the time proving that she should not have received support for taking care of Steven nor should I have been charged support since I was the one taking care of him. A little over two months later Cynthia was back at my door. Not long after that she was pregnant with and had our daughter Tiffany.

I believe it was December 14, 1982 when I was in town from being on the road doing my trucking job. I went to the house on Mill Ridge Road at 7:00 AM. When I looked through the window I saw Steven (Three years old at this time) carrying a tray with white powder on it. I broke into the house to find that the children were alone and the powder was cocaine.

I waited with the children and at about 7:00 PM Cynthia came in the house with her friends. I asked her why she left the children alone. We started to argue, she started getting violent and I hit her on the top of the head. I called Cynthia's father who came over and beat me and then I was arrested for assault. When I told the police what happen I was told that Cynthia would not do a thing like that, that she came from a good family unlike me who came from State Public Housing (Laurel Gardens), implying that I was lying trash. They (the police) ignored what I was trying to tell them and left the children in Cynthia’s care.

All charges were dropped for the assault but I was not allowed to see Steven or Tiffany because of a restraining order.

On 2/2/83 this is what happened from that incompetent move by State personnel! And I was powerless because of the restraining order that was granted (C7_Review_of_Treatment_Plan_Tiffany) .

James & Carol Layden (Cynthia's Parents) were asked to take Tiffany by the State of Connecticut but refused because of Tiffany's health problems after the abandonment! Tiffany was placed in foster care. I was investigated by DCYS caseworker Janice Quinlan (C9_JaniceQuinlan) because I wanted custody and believe me she was a tough woman. After an 18-month investigation I was given custody of Tiffany by the State of Connecticut (C8_Order_of_Commitment).

During this time I continued to fight for physical custody of Charles and Rebecca, I did not have the resources to also fight for physical custody of Steven. (C10_Dissolution of Marriage)

The Judgment of Dissolution of my Marriage were I was the Defendant states: dated MAY 9, 1986 "Whereupon it is adjudged that the marriage of the parties to this action be and it is hereby dissolved and they are each hereby declared to be single and unmarried, and that the care, custody and education of said minor children is hereby committed to the parties jointly, subject to the right of reasonable visitation in the Plaintiff, the Defendant being there residential parent, pending a custody study. And that the parties shall be referred for a custody study. And that the parties both pay $1.00 per Child Per year for the support of each of said minor children, pending a custody study. And that the defendant shall pay an amount in arrearage in child support to be determined by the Attorney General. The arrearage is due to the State of Connecticut."

Without the State starting the custody study on June 30, 1986 I signed garnishment paperwork at the Family Relations office and was told there was nothing else going on that day. I was told that it would help expedite the custody study.

To my surprise, I received paperwork showing that the State went to court and raised the child support from $1.00 per Child Per year ordered on May 9, 1986 to $25.00 per week and $25.00 per week on the arrearage.

Leslie Raider of Family Court did a 15 minute interview and deemed me an unfit father, yet did not take away my custody of Tiffany given to me months before by another Connecticut State Agency.

The thing that stands out in my mind about that meeting was Mrs. Raider said that the Department of Child and Youth services was incompetent at doing their job and she would have to do her own home study.

BIG QUESTION: Who actually is incompetent, Leslie Raider, who in 15 minutes thinks she knows somebody, or Jan Quinlan who did an 18 month investigation and gave me a glowing recommendation?

I moved to New York, for several reasons:

1) To keep Cindy from taking Tiffany; Cindy keep stalking us when we lived in Connecticut and the New Milford police said that they could not do anything until Cindy took Tiffany.

2) The house we were living in on 113 Prospect Street New Milford, the landlord sold it and did not tell us. The new owners gave us 30 days to find a new place to live.

3) We needed to make an affordable move and Joann was from this area in NY.

There were a few times I received visitation of my children in my house in New York. When the children would arrive back with my mother, my mother would call child abuse services in NY with some absurd complaint. Since I was working as an over the road truck driver I was not home to meet with investigators but my wife and household would be investigated and everything would be unfounded by the New York investigators. It was blatant harassment but we couldn’t do anything about it.

This also happened when my mother refused to let me see Charles and Rebecca; about three times a year, she would tell me it was my ex-wife Linda doing the calling.

May 2, 1988 my wife Joann and I with our four children went to the Danbury town hall to the Court of Probate held by Judge Talarico about Steven. This is when I found out that Cynthia had died and how! No one had bothered to contact me before this or to let me know that Steven was no longer in Cynthia’s custody because she had died.(C75_CynthiaCERTIFICATEofDEATH.pdf)

It was a hearing of Termination of my Parental Rights in connection with Steven so James & Carol Layden (Cynthia's Parents) could adopt Steven. The reason that was put forward as to why my parental rights should be terminated was because I had not had contact with Steven in three years.

I explained to Judge Talarico that the State of Connecticut refused to let me have visitation with Steven and would not allow Tiffany visitation because James Layden Sr. did not want Steven to be in contact with us and had a restraining order.

I was told I would be notified of his decision. Several months later, I received an envelope from the court; when I opened it was empty. I called the court and was told that they could not give me any information because the case was sealed.

In 1987, I found my divorce papers, which said I have full custody of the children pending a custody study. I became frustrated with the delay by the State of Connecticut. So, when I found Charles and Rebecca and convinced my mother to let them visit, I took them and enrolled them in school in New York ,.

My Mother and her family use to play hide the children when they knew I was trying to schedule a visit so I would not get to visit with them. I told them we were going to stop all this and be a stable family; Since the State had refused to do the custody study, I reasoned if I had the children in my custody they would have to do the study.

My mother again called child abuse, telling them that I was feeding my children drugs and that my wife and I were on drugs.

The first week of July of 1988 I picked up Charles and Rebecca from my mother's house, they stayed with my wife, I and our 4 children all that summer.

In mid-August, New York State troopers who were told that we were keeping Charles and Rebecca in a closet and feeding them drugs visited my wife.

When the trooper inspected the house not only did he not find any drugs but found that the children that he had passed on the road were all six of our children playing outside.

On Aug. 12, 1988 Penelope Fromer, an investigator from the Department of Child Protection for the State of New York showed up at our door. There was a major investigation done.

I kept in contact with my mother that summer, she knew where the children were. She knew what I was trying to accomplish in uniting my family and she was still trying to sabotage this.

On September 13&14, 1988 Mary J. Schierberl of Connecticut legal services Inc. filled MOTION TO INTERVENE (C12_MOTIONtoINTERVENE_Sept13_1988 , C13_MARY_JEAN_SCHIERBERL_Sept14_1988 and C15_ADDENDUMtoMOTIONtoINTERVENE_1988) seeking custody of Charles and Rebecca for my mother Edna Lake. In paragraph 2 it is stated that the Defendant (which is Charles Lake not Edna Lake or Linda Lake) being the residential parent , pending a custody study . The custody study that never happened!

On OCTOBER 5, 1988 Mary J. Schierberl filed MOTION FOR CUSTODY AND RESTRAINING ORDER (C14_MOTIONforCUSTODYOct5_1988), which showed that the custody study was never done by the State!

This showed that the State willingly violated the rule of Law by not doing the court ordered custody study and my mother’s attorney noted it!

If a state does not like a court's (or a judge's) decision they must appeal the court's (or judge's) decision just like everyone else this is the LAW! Evidently NOT for Connecticut!

Penelope Fromer, who handled the case for the Department of Child Protection for the State of New York , wrote the court in Connecticut a letter so I could take it to the court with me because Mrs. Fromer did not know if the official letter would arrive in time that showed that the allegations were unfounded (C11_PenelopeFromer).

In November 1988, I was in court with Leslie Raider.

Before court, Mrs. Raider and I went into a room there we met Mary J. Schierberl my mother's attorney.

Leslie Raider refused to look at any of my evidence showing that the children were not in jeopardy. She said that the State of New York was not to be trusted. Evidently they were no better than the State of Connecticut's Child and Youth services in Leslie Raider's eyes.

Leslie Rader told me that she would have me arrested for kidnapping if I said anything other than what she told me to say in the courtroom.

Mary look like a deer in the headlights while Leslie was telling me what was going to be said. I know this is only a hearsay statement but Mary, Leslie and I know what happened in that room.

Leslie Raider never mentioned my daughter Tiffany who the State of Connecticut gave me custody of after an extensive investigation. Evidently she only wanted the two children and she didn't want to be bothered with the third because no one else wanted Tiffany, (Cynthia Layden (Tiffany's mother) or her grandparents (James & Carol Layden or my mother) nor did Leslie Raider want to be bothered with my wife's three children.

But I had to be concerned for all four children, who would provide for them, because I was the sole provider for the family. Leslie Raider told me that she did not care that I thought I had custody of the children Charles and Rebecca; the children belonged to the State of Connecticut and they would be returned to the State of Connecticut.

After we were in front of the judge and Leslie Raider got what she wanted, she gave me visitation rights and told me if my mother did not abide to give her call.

The stipulation was I was to give at least a two day notice so my mother could have the children ready. I would make appointments with my mother to visit the children as agreed and after a two-hour drive to Connecticut the children would miraculously disappear, no one would know where they were.

I guess old habits die hard. This happened approximately eight times. I called Leslie Rader after each time with no reply. Off the record I was told by the person in Leslie Rader's office that because I lived out of state that she did not have to reply.

In 1990 I hired the law firm Wakelee & Isaac, Henry J. Isaac was the attorney of record. He looked into both cases Mr. Isaac told me he could not take on the case with Charles & Rebecca but, he did look into Steven's case and sent me a letter which shows that the State was over charging me.

Steven was adopted by his grandparents in 1987.

Why was I being charged child support for Steven until 1991 (C16_MasterCollectors)?

I believe Support for Steven should have stopped 2/2/83, when my parental rights were removed from me and he was put into the guardianship of his maternal grandparents. After he sent the letter Mr. Isaac sent a bill and said he would not be able to continue with the case because I simply did not have the money for him to proceed.

Unfortunately I have a big gap of time where I was not able to fight for my kids because from 1992 to 2000 I was fighting for my life. April 6, 1992 I was poisoned while unloading Styrofoam Food Containers.

It took my doctors eight years to find that it was the Styrofoam Food Containers that caused my ill health effects. Between 1992 and 1993, I had three atypical heart attacks and between 1993 and 1999 I had seven migraines induced strokes .I still have many other damaging health effects that are residuals from the chemicals emitted from the Styrofoam that was transported in Asbestos truck/trailers that I handle as part of my job. I am currently on Social Security Disability and have been for over 20 years.

Since then I have become an advocate for clean transportation of our food supply and the elimination of Styrofoam and other plastics as food containers also as a result of my poisoning. If you would like to know more about these issues and how styrene and benzene affect people please see my website:

I went back to school in 2000 at Columbia Greene Community College and graduated in 2005 with a Web Masters Certificate and Associates in Science with my concentration being in Environmental Science.

Remember June 30, 1986 I signed the garnishment paper work and the state went to court and it was ordered that an immediate wage execution was to begin? The state never executed this order until they garnished my wages for a part time job at Columbia Greene Community College from December 11, 2003 to September 16, 2004 (C17_CGCC_Dec11_2003). Yes that's right 15 years later! And now in 2014 they bring me to court for contempt/nonpayment 10 years later!

In August of 2005, I contacted Mr. Derik Rodriguez (Support Enforcement Division, 71 Main Street, Danbury, CT 06810-7802 Tel (203) 731-2940) he told me to go to the Danbury Court House and get a notarize copy of the last court order that stated $1.00 per Child PER Year and I had custody of said children. Mr. Rodriguez stated that the only thing he had stated I had to pay $12.50 PER Child and $40.00 on top of that PER week.

August 15, 2005, I went to Danbury Court House on White Street and spoke to the clerk. The clerk had all the document date stamped and then asked to compare the courts file with mine. I let her as long as I was there. She found that I had files that the court did not have and the court had files that I did not have so she made me copies that I did not have and made copies of mine that the court did not have (I marked the year I obtained them C18_NOVEMBER7_1988, C19_OCTOBER31_1988 and C43_ClerksOffice). I then hand delivered them to Derik Rodriguez at the Support Enforcement Division, 71 Main Street, Danbury, CT. Mr. Rodriguez told me he would be in contact with me within two weeks.

After not hearing from Mr. Rodriguez I started looking for someone else to help me. In October I sent an e-mail to Eric C. Stroker, an aide to CT. State Representative Wallace.

In December of 2005 I received a Notice of Withholding of Insurance Assets for file # 10046548. I spoke to Mr. Stroker who told me to speak to Mr. Rodriguez; who apologized for not getting back to me and losing the court documentation that I retrieved for him in August.

I was aggravated so I then called the (860) 424-4989 Number and was forwarded to Nester Bojko (direct phone number (860) 424-5275). He told me to call Mr. Rodriguez and tell him to start working on my problem, because it originated in Danbury and he should have the files.

I tried calling Mr. Rodriguez twice that day and left a message on his voice mail. I tried calling several more times over several days leaving messages on his voice mail with no reply from Mr. Rodriguez. On 1/30/2006 I was fortunate and Mr. Rodriguez picked up his phone and that is when he suggested that I ask for a fair hearing because he could not make sense of my cases. C20_Fair_Hearing_03_23_2006.pdf

At the Fair hearing (03/23/2006, Thursday TIME: 10:OO AM C20_Fair_Hearing_03_23_2006 C21_Fair_Hearing_Summary3_23_06) my wife was not allowed to sit in according to Mr. Walter Biesadecki, Support Enforcement Services representative. Anne C. Popolizio , was the hearing officer and was connected remotely through a speaker system to the hearing office in Danbury. She could not be heard on our end because the sound was turned down but she could hear everything that was being said on our end. Anne C. Popolizio told me to keep fighting. Mr. Biesadecki would not look at any paperwork; said the State of Connecticut “says you owe this much money and that is what you owe period.”

Mr. Biesadecki canceled the next fair hearing (C23_Fair_Hearing_04_20_2006). In April I received a letter from the State of Connecticut Dated April 21, 2006 Stating "This hearing is being dismissed because our records indicate the issue in dispute was resolved." (C22_Notice of Dismissal of Administrative Hearing) Nothing was resolved! There was no amount on the letter saying the support owed was paid off, no indication that I had been released from the Dead Beat Dads list and when I called to get clarification, no one would call me back!

In March of 2008 I contacted the Office of Governor M. Jodi Rell and dealt with Melissa Perez a Staff Assistant. In her response "As the matter you wrote about is overseen by the Department of Social Services (DSS), Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (BCSE), Governor Rell has asked that I forward your concerns to the Director, Diane Fray's office to review and respond to your directly." She did not know that Director Diane Fray was in her last days and was in the middle of retiring. I tried to keep the Governor's office in the loop but, Staff Assistant Melissa Perez told me that the Governor would not intervene on my behalf.

The new Director was John Dillon. Here is a portion of a letter I sent: "In our conversation on 6/19/2008 you asked me to please send you a second disk so you can have others involved in resolving this unjustified child support case. Here is that disk”.

“I need this resolved soon; I would like to resume my life. I have been trying to bring this unjustified child support case to the attention of many other people for twenty years. The children are now thirty-two and thirty-three years old and since the State of Connecticut has not been able to interfere I have a very good relationship with my children." The CD that was enclosed had all of the paperwork to exonerate me from paying these child support payments.

I also spoke to John Dillon many times about taking my wife’s IRS returns; since 1993. “My wife has filed the injured spouse forms and they have been denied every time and her money was sent to you (State of Connecticut Support Unit), a bill that has nothing to do with her”. In one of the last phone conversations Mr. Dillon admitted that there were no custody studies done in the state of Connecticut for Charles, Rebecca or Steven!

The Lead Investigator named to research both of my cases by John Dillon was David A. Shonta. On February 27, 2009, John Dillon sent me a letter, that same day I tape recorded the telephone call between Mr. Dillon and me. I have had the telephone call transcribed but, you can't hear the hesitation in Mr. Dillon's voice. (C24_John Dillon2_27_09 (.wav file))

However, in the letter Mr. Dillon states: (C25_Book_JohnDillonLetter2_27_09 )

"The root of your issues appear to be, not with the enforcement of child support orders, but rather with the November 7, 1988 court order which granted sole legal custody of your children (Charles and Rebecca) to your mother, and the actions taken by the Connecticut Department of Child and Youth Services (currently the Department of Children and Families -DCF) which preceded that custody order. Neither the DSS/BCSE, nor any of its cooperative agents has the authority to change an order of the court. If you believe that your child support order(s) should be modified, you must file a motion for modification with the Superior Court. If you maintain that actions taken by DCF were inappropriate, you should address your concerns directly to that Department."

In fact if this audit was through it would have shown that the 1986, divorce court order that I made available to Mr. Derik Rodriguez who lost it and it was also on the CD disk that I sent to Mr. Shonta was an order that preceded the order granted to my mother. An order if carried out and completed would have kept my family intact and would have cost the State no money or this long drawn out issue of more than 30 years.

It is obvious to me the 1986, divorce paperwork was not looked at in this Investigation.

Everyone who audits this case neglects the fact that NO ONE EVER showed why my children were taken from me in the first place without acustody study or investigation in 1978. This is especially relevent when the "United States Supreme Court has stated over and over in several cases the state registers "no gains toward its stated goals [of protecting children] when it separates a fit parent from the custody of his children." Stanley, 405 U.S. at 652 (1972).

But, more importantly, the fact that Everyone refuses to take into account the fact that a judge ordered a custody study in 1986 that the State refused to honor which is more the root of my issues with the State of Connecticut and Leslie Raider the person who was handling my case!

Here are some United States Supreme Court’s views on this issue:

“Because of the magnitude of the liberty interests of parents and adult extended family members in the care and companionship of children, the Fourteenth Amendment protects these substantive due process liberty interests by prohibiting the government from depriving fit parents of custody of their children. See Stanley v. Illinois, 405 U.S. 645, 651, 92 S.Ct. 1208, 31 L.Ed.2d 551 (1972) Santosky v. Kramer, 455 U.S. 745, 760, 102 S.Ct. 1388, 71 L.Ed.2d 599 (1982); Duchesne v. Sugarman, 566 F.2d 817, 824 (2d Cir. 1977); Hurlman v. Rice, 927 F.2d 74, 79 (2d Cir. 1991)”.

“In the United States Supreme Court’s view, the state registers "no gains toward its stated goals [of protecting children] when it separates a fit parent from the custody of his children." Stanley, 405

U.S. at 652”. “One of the most precious rights possessed by parents is the right to raise their children free of government interference. That right, "more precious than mere property rights," is a liberty interest, protected by the substantive and procedural Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment. Stanley v. Illinois, 405 U.S. 645, 92 S.Ct. 1208, 31 L.Ed.2d 551 (1972)."

In Mr. Dillon's letter, his advice was to go after and take actions toward the appropriate State Department. I called every attorney in the Danbury area, most did not call back and those that did most told me I needed between $6,000 and up to $15,000 as a retainer before they would talk to me. The few that I was able to make an appointment with told me either I did not have the money that would be needed to have them fight this or told me that they could not take the case because they had to work with these people (meaning the State of CT.) and it would hurt their practice.

The other advice from Mr. Dillon was to file a motion for modification with the Superior Court. But, before I did that I went to my Congressman's office (Rep. Scott Murphy) and spoke to Benedict McCaffree who I had worked with in the past on the Safe Trucking issue.

Mr. McCaffree read the motion for modification I put together, then made phone calls on my behalf to the State of Connecticut and we waited for a response. Mr. McCaffree figured that we waited long enough and wrote a letter for me to file with the motion for modification and addressed it to Hon. Heidi G. Winslow, Judge (C26_Book_NYCongressmanLetter).

I worked on other things with Mr. McCaffree for several months and he said the State of Connecticut never responded.

I filed the motion for modification in Danbury Superior Court and Judge Heidi G. Winslow refused to hear the cases (C27_Book_Winslow1).

I've received a letter, I believe it was in May of 2014, telling me that the State of Connecticut was going to bring contempt of court chargers against me for non-payment of child support. It had a phone number that I was to call and said I should speak to Michelle Lockwood who would be the court’s representative for this case.

I called her several times and left messages but, like her predecessor Mr. Derik Rodriguez, I did not get a response. I was getting very upset. After all, the State of Connecticut was going to bring contempt of court chargers and Michelle Lockwood would not respond to messages left on her voice mail. I then decided to leave a nasty massage on her voice mail in the hopes that she would get upset and call me back; it worked.

Michelle finally returned my call in a timely fashion although she was upset that I left a nasty massage on her voice mail. After a couple of minutes, she calmed down and we talked about my case.

I had to inform her that there were two cases. I told Michelle that I have been trying to have a judge look at both of my cases because I have been wronged. Michelle explained that she could not have me served in New York that I would have to come to Connecticut so she could start the court proceedings. Michelle guaranteed me she would not have me arrested if I came down to be served so I did on 6/11/14 and was given a court date of 7/23/14 (C28_Book_Served).

When we (my wife and I) arrived at the court at the time that was on the paper, we were made to sit for over 3 1/2 hours past that time and the air quality (colognes and perfumes of other people) affected both of us. We were told to sit in the hallway until we were called.

When they called me into the courtroom my wife followed but they would not let my wife go to the table with me they made her sit in the bleachers. It was OK for the State to take her money but she was not allowed to help me keep on task; and I didn't have my glasses and felt I was at a disadvantage not being able to see my paperwork.

The judge asked me some questions about the originators of the two cases; had me verify that they were Edna Lake which was my mother not my wife and Cynthia Layden and asked me how I knew them and where they are now.

I let him know that my mother is still alive and Cynthia is not and she passed from a drug overdose in 1987. The judge made a comment about the age of the case and was surprised that I wanted to argue why I did not owe this money.

I presented the court with my divorce paper of 1986 that showed the $1 per-year child support and $1 per-year arrearage. The judge asked Michelle Lockwood if she had seen the divorce paperwork; she said no.

The judge then looked over at Mr. Carrera (a public defender) who looked like he was doodling (maybe getting ready for his next case, but obviously not fully present) and who seemed surprised that the Judge was addressing him. The judge asked if he would lead me through the process relating to the issues before the court. Mr. Carrera said yes.

The judge then said he was suspending the contempt charges pending an audit (C29_Book7_23_14Court) of the records by the Support Unit relating to both of these cases. I thought great now the State would see that they did not do the custody study and the rest of this should be resolved.

The court asked us to wait in the hall again to speak to Mr. Carrera which took about an hour. Mr. Carrera came out with an attitude.

I tried to explain to him about the case, he wasn't interested; he just wanted to know how I was planning on paying the money the State said I owed.

I let him know that wasn't happening. He totally ignored me until I became aggravated enough and I yelled at him.

He then took the CD disk that had all the paperwork on it and said he would look at it and evaluate what I had.

After I returned home I saw that I had made a mistake when filling out paperwork for the public defender (Mr. Carrera) so I sent them an e-mail On Thursday, July 24, 2014 correcting the mistake and asked him if there was going to be any repercussions.

I gave it over a week and when I did not hear from Mr. Carrera, August 1, 2014, I sent him an E-mail that would get his attention (C30_nicolE-mails). I believe it was August 4, 2014 when Mr. Carrera called me on my home phone and was very upset about the E-mail of August 1, 2014.

Mr. Carrera said that he thought that it was behind us what he said at the court house. I asked if we could meet and discuss the cases. Mr. Carrera said that he would meet me at the court house before court on 9/24/2014 and he would look at the CD I gave him before he met with me.

After talking to Mr. Carrera, I had a gut feeling that he was not going to help me through and help me present my case and I started doing some research on what could happen if I was found to be in contempt of court.

I found that I could spend 2 years in prison just for being on the Deadbeat Dads list and being in contempt of court for nonpayment. This told me that I should holdout as long as I could to see if I would be represented and if the State would actually do a full audit which would show I was right all this time. With my health concerns I knew that I could not last 2 years in prison! (C76_Citizen's Guide to U.S. Federal Law On Child Support Enforcement.pdf)

Second court date: 9/24/2014; another long day with both my wife and I getting sick from the air quality on the second floor of the courthouse. Mr. Carrera was still being difficult, saying that there was nothing he could do. Mr. Carrera said several times to give it up. He tried to insist that because these cases are 30 years old just pay and get it over! Mr. Carrera kept saying that we should have modified the order. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about and neither did my wife.

Evidently Mr. Carrera did not see the fact that I tried to modify the order in 2010.

After I keep saying no I will not pay, I do not owe this money, they (the Support Unit) then gave us an appointment with Abele Grillo Supervisor; friendly guy who he told us to call him Abe (C31_Abe_BCard).

We met with Abe that afternoon, who had the audit paperwork that he said showed that I owe this money as he fanned the pages of the audit (C32_Book_Audit). I then asked Abe about the Master Collectors Documentation I received from Wakelee & Isaac showing that I was overcharged for Steven because he was taken from me in 2/2/1983 and his mother Cindy died in 7/7/1987 and according to Master Collectors I was charged until 10/1990.

Unlike Mr. Rodriguez , Mr. Dillon and all the other state representatives of Connecticut that said that this document from Master Collectors did not represent the case. Abe took a quick look and said the case numbers matched all the states numbers and the amount has not changed in years and this is what I would have to pay.

My wife asked Abe, how, back in 1978, did the State take Charles and Rebecca away from me without a custody study or any other investigation. Abe said that was the way it was done back then!

(C36_Timeline_ Connecticut Department of Children & Families Under Federal Oversight - Hartford Courant)

The United States Supreme Court’s view is very different and it was dated back to 1972, six years before Connecticut took my children based on the hearsay from my mother.

I then handed Abe a copy of the letter that my ex-sister in-law wrote confirming that my brother and her raised Charles and Rebecca for about 1 year with NO income (C33_Book_KarenLetter) from my mother (Edna Lake) who was being paid by welfare to take care of them (Charles and Rebecca). Abe read the letter and said this letter would have helped you back then But, it is not going to help you today. Abe then said we look forward not back!

Abe then pointed out that because I signed the garnishment paper (C34_Garishment) and the State went to court the same day (C35_June9_1986) that I was responsible to pay what the State said I owe!

This is when I knew this was the same old cover-up and I conceded to let them garnish my Social Security Disability for their fraudulent case there by avoiding the contempt charge because of my health! This was when Abe said that I might as well have a copy of the audit to take with me. I put the audit in my folder.

Michelle, Mr. Carrera and I went in front of the judge to make it official so I did not go to jail.

We were then again asked to sit in the hallway and wait for Mr. Carrera and Michelle to finish the paperwork. Mr. Carrera came over to my wife and me for me to sign both papers so he could get paid for both cases.

While I was signing Mr. Carrera again told me that I needed to understand he was only there to defend me against contempt of court and nothing else. After I was done signing Mr. Carrera leaned down between my wife and me and said “you learned an expensive and horrible lesson”; he had a smile on his face like he was a school yard bully taunting us!

Just then Michelle was walking by and my wife asked her, seeing that the State is being paid, if I could apply and obtain a passport so I could leave the United States for vacation. Michelle told my wife that I would not be able to leave the United States until the child support was paid in full and at the rate the State was being paid it was unlikely I would ever be able to leave the United States.

I then asked Michelle when I die who would be responsible for this child support. Michelle told us when I die the child support debt dies with me!

My wife feels that I am essentially a prisoner of the USA because of the incompetence and corruption of the State of Connecticut. (C37_CorruptCT and C38_Ct Family Juvenile Court Ignoring the law)

We then left the court house and went home!

After about a week I was going to file a complaint against Mr. Carrera for not representing me properly. I started doing some research and found a couple of web sites that explain this (C72_Gideon at 50 - Part 1 Rationing Justice.pdf and C73_gideon_2_assigned_counsel_ financial_guidelines.pdf) it states:

Part I — Rationing Justice: The Underfunding of Assigned Counsel Systems Current flat rates for misdemeanor representation: Florida $400, Connecticut $350, North Dakota $300, New Mexico $180 and Virginia $158. Attorneys will be compensated the same amount regardless of how much, or how little, work they perform. This was published in 2013.

I also found C74_Settlement Reached in ACLU's Class-Action Lawsuit Alleging Inadequacy of CT Public Defender System .pdf) Dated, July 7, 1999 and it says that this was not the first time. This explained why Mr. Carrera who's law office is in New York (29 South Lawn Ave. Elmsford NY 10523 C39_N_CoreaB_Card) and is a public defender in Connecticut. The least amount of work for the guaranteed money!

I did not file a complaint because I can see this is the way the public defender office is run in Connecticut and a complaint would be a waste of time! The state of Connecticut is known as the Constitutional state yet, it has no problem violating its people's Constitutional rights. It is my opinion; the state of Connecticut is like a vulture picking the bones of the disabled and indigent!

I then focused my attention on what happened in Abe's office and the audit. Abe told me it was because of the 1986 paper I signed that made it so Connecticut could garish my Social Security Disability but, the audit only went from 1989 to 2014 (C32_Book_Audit). The fact that the judge ordered the audit because of my divorce paperwork which was months before I signed the garnishment paperwork is why I feel the audit should have included many more years back.

I find it interesting that the audit went back to 1989 and the ACLU Settled Class-Action Suit in 1989 against Connecticut, that showed Connecticut violated rights of children (ACLU NEWS RELEASE _ NEWS RELEASE _ NEWS RELEASE _ NEWS RELEASE ACLU Settles Class-Action S and Conn. Child-welfare Suit Could Affect Phila. Case - philly-archives ) in foster homes same as my children (Charles and Rebecca) were.

Since Leslie Raider always told me that Charles and Rebecca were wards of the State which is the same as foster children and my mother's home was a foster home I think this is relevant.

The only thing that the audit showed was many zeros showing that I did not pay except when I had money due from the federal government or when the State of Connecticut took my wife's IRS returns. The audit was not about considering the paperwork that showed that I did not owe this money; it was about the money only.

When I was in Abe's office he gave me a copy of the audit but, more important Abe gave me a copy of a 1986 court paper that shows what my ex-wife was to pay, what I was to pay, and how much the State was paying my mother through welfare.

There are not enough ways to say how appalling I find the State of Connecticut for going after my ex-wife after what she went through with her physical and mental health. I said it earlier; the State of Connecticut is like a vulture picking the bones of the disabled and indigent!

So now we’ll check some numbers and do some quick math.

Charles was about three years old and Rebecca was about two years old when my then wife became ill and my mother took them from me.

My mother then had my children on welfare for about 16 years until Rebecca was 18 years of age.

In the 1986 court paper (C35_June9_1986) it shows that my ex-wife was to pay $50.00 per month and I was to pay $25.00 per week.

So $25.00 per week times 4.3 weeks per month equals $107.50 per month; combine $107.50 plus $50.00 equals $157.50 is what we payed to the state of Connecticut.

I feel that this money was ransom because there was NO DUE PROCESS and the State of Connecticut as well as my mother was holding my children hostage !

This same 1986 court paper shows that in addition the State contributed $590.00 per month to support the children. This means that my mother was receiving $747.50 per month.

So, $590.00 per month times 12, months equals $ 7080.00 per year and $113,280.00 for 16 years.

More importantly The Tax Payers of the State of Connecticut Payed $113,280.00 over the 16 years; on the hearsay of my mother and the State which never did an investigation or custody study which would have showed that I did not abandon my children nor at any time was neglectful and should not have been separated from them.

This was wasted money because someone (many people) did not do their job! In fact a custody study was court ordered in 1986 and the officer of the court who was handling my case (Leslie Raider of Family Relations) refused to have the custody study done.

The fact that I was working with the State of Connecticut from the day that Steven and Tiffany were found abandoned 2/2/1983 and was giving temporary custody of Tiffany in 1985 and full sole custody in 1986 did not seem to matter.

The judge who granted me my divorce was aware of this when he ordered the custody study on Charles and Rebecca in 1986 that Leslie Raider of Family Relations refused to do!

Leslie Raider is the person that I hold solely responsible for putting Charles and Rebecca back into my mother's house where I was not able to have contact with them even though I had visitation rights for almost 10 years (C40_Leslie_Raider_BC).

Leslie Raider retired after the State of Connecticut started to implement the restructuring of her office. I believe that I and the citizens of the State have the right to know if it was because of her abusive actions while she was in office!

The State of Connecticut says I owe them the money that they put out to raise my children. Yet, the only reason they put this money out was because of corruption within the system where court officers violated my Constitutional rights. I do not feel I have to pay money to them for their mistake.

According to Abele Grillo Supervisor of Judicial Branch Court Operations Division, my family was not singled out by the State. This is how the State of Connecticut has dealt with parents and children in the past; by violating their Constitutional rights!

I believe that the State of Connecticut owes my family for all the hardships that it has put us through. Charles, Rebecca and Steven were raised away from me, my wife and other siblings and stepsiblings being told or inferring that they were not wanted. Tara Polizzi (C41_LetterFromTara.pdf), Dina Polizzi, Michael Polizzi and Tiffany (Lake) Layden also endured hardships. I remember my brother's children (who used to stay with us sometimes all summer) telling our children what my mother would say about them or call them. This was not done maliciously just kids talking but hurtful none the less. Another way was being investigated by Child and Youth Services at school where their friends and others would know (leaving them to be ridiculed and endure bullying) and the calls would come from my mother (or someone that she would have make the call) about two times a year.

The four children that lived with us also had to endure the hardships that resulted from me being on the Deadbeat Dads list and consistently in debt.

With the way that the public defender office is underfunded in Connecticut and other States it seems to me a perfect storm for States to keep violating the Constitutional rights of indigent parents.

In this day and age when States are looking at their budgets, evidently they must think it is cheaper to violate the Constitutional rights of parents instead of giving parents the help that they need.

Just look at how much it cost the tax payers for two of my children. I do not know how much it cost the State of Connecticut to raise Steven; I was not given that information. As much as everyone thinks it is about money, it's not, it is about POWER.

Unfortunately, it's also about destroying the lives of a parent and its child or children. No matter how you look at it, violating a person’s Constitutional rights to save money is wrong and especially here in the United States of America, where our rights are touted over other countries.

I have been in contact with my Congressman, Chris Gibson's office and spoke to and was interviewed by Ridge Harris Director of Special Projects. He asked me to type up what I wanted Congressman Gibson's office to do on my behalf (C44_letter-gibson-1-16-2015) and fill out a privacy form.

When I meet with Mr. Harris he spent about a ½ hour letting me explain this document and some of the chapters of documentation. After I finished Mr. Harris told me to give him about a week for him to go through all of the information and he would write a letter to the appropriate agency that would be able to help me.

About a week later Mr. Harris sent me this response to the letter (C45_Lake_LettertoUSACT). I called and thanked Mr. Harris for all he has done on my behalf.

From the tone of the response of the letter addressed to Congressman Chris Gibson's office from Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer R. Laraia (C46_USACT_resp_LAKE.pdf) I felt that the U.S. Attorney’s office was not going to be of any help.

I went back to court several times; the last time was in July 2015.

In June I was told to meet with Assistant Attorney General Carolyn Mee Wong; she asked for my paperwork. I handed her the CD with all of all the paperwork on it. Mrs. Wong handed the Disk back to me telling me that she had no way to access the disk. I asked her for her E-mail address she said she did not have one.

In accessing the Assistant Attorney General Employee database I found that her E-mail address is . (C48_CT_AG.pdf) Not a good start, starting with a misrepresentation or a blatant lie!

July I meet with Assistant Attorney General Carolyn Mee Wong for about 5 minutes before court. Mrs. Wong said that there was nothing that could be done about the State not doing the court ordered custody study in 1986. She also said that she had no idea how the State sent me conflicting statements and that she had to let Child Support Enforcement Supervisor Abele Grillo explain it to me.

Mr. Grillo told me that the conflicting statements were because as I missed payments and these payments would be added as the arrearage of that quarter and would be sent as a separate bill. Then it would be added to the total arrearage.

Mr. Grillo never looked at the documentation sent to me by the State of Connecticut that were conflicting and clearly states; “Outstanding balance of ALL Amounts Owed as of” on conflicting Dates.

I told Mr. Grillo that there was a big problem with his explanation!

First Steven was adopted in 1987 to his mother’s parents so the total arrearage should have ended there for him. The conflicting arrearage statements are from 2004 to the present.

And because there was never due process on Steven (unlike with his sister Tiffany, where the State did a custody study and I was awarded custody) this bill added up when it should never have been in the first place.

Here are some examples of the record keeping done by the State of Connecticut Child Support Enforcement on Steven's Case!

1/31/2004 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $524.01! (C49_Layden_Overdue1_31_2004-1.pdf)

7/17/2004 I received a bill from child support enforcement for the same amount of a total of $524.01 for the second time! (C50_Layden_overdue_7_17_2004.pdf)

12/30/2006 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $4,394.96! (C51_Layden_Overdue12_31_2006-1.pdf)

8/2/2014 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $4,166.81! (C52_ArreargeCindy8_2_2014.pdf)

Charles left my mother’s house in 1993 and Rebecca in January, 1994 so the total arrearage should have ended there for them.

Again the conflicting arrearage statements are from much later than this time. I told Mr. Grillo that payments were being taken even though I did not owe this.

Again because there was never due process according to Director John Dillon of child support enforcement, (the investigation that Mr. Dillon had done between 2009 and 2010 found that no investigation or custody study was ever done on any of the three children (Charles, Rebecca and Steven); even through it was court ordered for Charles and Rebecca in 1986) this bill was able to grow without review.

Here are some examples of the record keeping done by the State of Connecticut Child Support Enforcement on Charles and Rebecca's Case!

4/7/1993 I received a letter from the Bureau of Collections for $336.24 (C53_Edna_BackSupport_4_07_1993.pdf)! It does NOT make sense to collect a partial debt, this was the total.

10/4/2003 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $11,284.45! (C54_Edna_October04_2003_Important.pdf)

12/30/2006 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $17,908.67! (C55_EdnaBackSupport_12_30_2006.pdf)

8/31/2014 I received a bill from child support enforcement for a total of $17,100.82! (C56_ArreargeEdna8_31_2014.pdf)

Mr. Grillo told me that paperwork was lost by the State so it was up to me to prove that the State took my IRS refunds from 1979 to the present and for me to find the receipts for all other payments made.

The cash receipts from 1978 to 1986 were lost in the floods of 1993 in Greene County NY. Mr. DeGrazia (My Uncle's Brother) was the Child Support Enforcement Officer and insisted that only CASH be paid (NO Checks or money-orders) from 1978 to 1984 for child support.

My then girlfriend, now wife, use to walk from North Street Danbury, to Mr. DeGrazia's Office across from the old courthouse on Main Street Danbury, to pay my child support with her 3 small children.

Mr. Grillo then handed me paperwork on what the state expected me to pay. I told Mr. Grillo that the amounts are clearly wrong because the only payments that the State has are the ones that I supplied in 2014!

Remember The Child Support Totals in Charles and Rebecca's Case went from $336.24 in 1993, to $11,284.45 in 2003, to $17,908.67 in 2006 and now (7/22/2015) Mr. Grillo handed me paperwork telling me $21,464.45 WAS THE NEW AMOUNT to be paid to the State of Connecticut for Charles and Rebecca! (C57_Abe_Edna7_22_2015.pdf)

Remember The Child Support Totals in Steven's Case where Totals went from $524.01 in 1/31/2004 and 7/17/2004, to $4,394.96 in 12/30/2006, to $4,166.81 in 8/2/2014 and now 7/22/2015 Mr. Grillo handed me paperwork telling me $7,748.24 WAS THE NEW AMOUNT to be paid to the State of Connecticut for Steven's Case! (C58_Abe_Cindy7_22_2015.pdf)

This goes to show just how corrupt the Child Support Enforcement Office of the The State of Connecticut is; it does not believe its own records!

Assistant Attorney General Carolyn Mee Wong and Mr. Grillo told Justice Fusco that they were giving me more time to find the receipts for all other payments made along with IRS returns that went to the State. Justice Fusco then set a date in September for me to return. (C77_JudgeOrders7_22_2015.pdf)

As the Connecticut State Marshal walked me out of the courtroom Justice Anthony P. Fusco stated that the problem was I was in the wrong court with a laugh in his voice! The State Marshal then told me he has been in the courtroom every time I was there and he never seen anyone get “Fuc*ed over as bad as me”.

If Justice Anthony P. Fusco was a true Justice, and took his job seriously and truly believed I was in the wrong court he should have forward my case to the right court!

This goes way beyond cruel and unusual punishment to take children from a parent without cause or DUE PROCESS then make the parent pay over and over in many ways is appalling!

When a parent abducts their children it constitutes a criminal offense and the FBI will spend millions of taxpayer’s dollars and look for the parent for decades! But when a State abducts children by violating the rule of law and due process its good business and the parent is on their own with no help!

So I ask for the help of the U.S. Attorney's Office again in this matter. This was sent by Congressman Chris Gibson's office on January 25, 2016. (C47_Lake_2ndLettertoUSACT.pdf and C60_Honorable Deirdre M. Daly-edited.pdf)

On June 16, 2016 Ann Mueller of Congressman Chris Gibson's office told me over the phone that the Congressman's Office could not make U.S. Attorney Daly reply to the January 25, 2016 request. (C71_AnnMueller.pdf)

Since Congressman Chris Gibson has decided not to run for Congress again that I would have to wait until another Congressman was elected to help me.

The most important parts of this letter is:

US Attorney for the District of Connecticut The Honorable Deirdre M. Daly was put in charge to head of a public corruption task force on February 4, 2015 at 5:01 PM (C59_CT_public_corruption.pdf).

On February 17, 2015 , Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer R. Laraia responded to the 1st letter from Congressman Chris Gibson's office of February 3, 2015.

Stating that US Attorney for the District of Connecticut The Honorable Deirdre M. Daly Office did not have, or in her words “has limited investigative prosecutorial resources” this was a blatant lie according to the above Hartford Courant News Paper Article!

Where are parents to go for justice?

A Better Question is where does indigent or middle income parents go for justice that cannot afford an attorney because the starting pay for an attorney is $300.00 per hour?

An article in the Washington Post named (C61_How the legal system often ignores the constitutional rights of parents - The Washington Post.pdf) explains it best in these two paragraphs:

“And that’s been my experience as an advocate too. When I worked for a legal aid organization, one of my tasks was to represent parents in child welfare proceedings. No one in those sad, sequestered courtrooms cited Supreme Court cases; everyone just argued over what was in the best interest of the child….

So parents, be cautious: yes, there’s Supreme Court precedent on your side, but if you find yourself in court then the system’s conception of the “best interests of the child” will likely overrule yours.”

That's right the Supreme Court has set Precedent's (C62_Constitutional Right to Be a Parent _ Parental Rights.pdf) But, there is nowhere in a State or Federal agencies that uphold these Parental Rights.

In fact there are NO OVERSIGHT State or federally to stop the corruption of the Child Welfare system.

The most overwhelming reason for Federal oversight is because if a Parent does not pay their child support then that Parent becomes a Federal offender (C63_Child Support and Federal Law.pdf); just on the States limited ruling! This makes the Parent a criminal without NO DUE PROCESS of LAW even with Constitutional Precedent's!

Good thing it is not the 2n amendment that is being debated here! But I need to ask; If the Government cannot take our guns why do they think it is acceptable to take our Children?!

There was an article written in the New York Times; (C64_Deadbeat bill headed for the dust bin – NewsTimes.pdf). This article calls for stronger penalties for Parents that will not pay for their children because it is costing the State to much.

There is nothing in this article though about the steep price the Parents pay by not being with their children. Or the hurt of having people tell your children that you abandoned them or worse. These violations also limit the Parents opportunities to live a good life. It’s a possibility that the Parent is one of millions that have done nothing wrong; the State is in the wrong by violating Supreme Court Precedent's and Parents Constitutional rights to be a Parent by NO DUE PROCESS of the LAW.

Here are TWO of the many Court rulings that make my point! Notice the second is Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 US 479, (1965)!

Evidently Connecticut Child Welfare system does not remember and has not for decades!

No bond is more precious and none should be more zealously protected by the law as the bond between parent and child.” Carson v. Elrod, 411 F Supp 645, 649; DC E.D. VA (1976).

The Constitution also protects “the individual interest in avoiding disclosure of personal matters.” Federal Courts (and State Courts), under Griswold can protect, under the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” phrase of the Declaration of Independence, the right of a man to enjoy the mutual care, company, love and affection of his children, and this cannot be taken away from him without due process of law. There is a family right to privacy which the state cannot invade or it becomes actionable for civil rights damages. Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 US 479, (1965).

Let's look at what it cost the States! (C65_2015-State-Fact-Sheet-Connecticut.pdf)

In 2015 the Federal Government subsidizes the States Foster Care programs with 40.5 Billion Dollars.

In this day of the computer when you can find and track someone in a few keystrokes the States use more subsidize Federal Foster Care MONEY to find and track parents Than they do for the Children. (C66_Child_Support_Enforcement_Federal.pdf) (C67_Foster Care.pdf)!

This is another way the Federal Government turns a blind eye to the States and wastes taxpayer money.

Now that the States know how to abduct children from their parents without oversight from the Federal Government they (the States) are going after disabled children like children with Autism (C68_Autism and Custody Battles are happening _ Family Rights Project.pdf).

Another very good reference would be a best practice guide by Margaret “Pegi” S. Price* (C78_Best Practices in Handling Famliy Law Cases Involving Children with Special Needs.pdf)

How much more is this going to cost the taxpayers!

Connecticut is not alone in the egregious violations that have been going on for decades, destroying families for the State's monetary GAIN!

I have spoken to several Connecticut State Legislatures including Governors over the last 35 years. All they would say is they could not help me. Both Governor Rell and Malloy’s Offices would say is that they could not intervene on my behalf.

This shows that the State is not willing to acknowledge that the State is violating the rights of parents. It is like an alcoholic denying they have a drinking problem!

The State tries to be seen as a savior of the children when they take that child from their family (case in point C69_TeenWithCancer.pdf and C70_TheHomecoming.pdf) However, the separation of a family member by the State is not viewed as necessary especially when the Child is not ill without NO DUE PROCESS (this is never recorded in the news).

After being in court and seeing the mass numbers of parents being run through the court like animals going to slaughter there is no doubt that Mr. Grillo the Supervisor of Danbury Child Support Enforcement was right. I am not alone; the practice of taking children from fit parents without due process is still going on today in greater numbers...

This raises the tax costs across Local, State, and Federal just to support this corrupt system that cost aproxamently a trillion dollars a year nationwide needlessly. I have decided not to wait for another Congressman I have written a letter (C79_Letter1.pdf) to Senators, Congressman, Judiciary members (Judges and Attorneys), President, First Lady and Others to see if they can stop the destruction of the indigent and middle income parents and the family unit. The Judicial system is clearly broken! Murders, Rapist, Child Molesters and others are all innocent until Proven Guilty.

Parents, especially indigent and middle income parents (Those who can not afford an attorney) are Guilty and their children taken away all before they receive thier DUE PROCESS if they ever receive their DUE PROCESS!

Lady Justice wears a blindfold but, with all the court rulings on this issue Justice cannot be this blind.

This raises the tax costs across all levels, Local, State, and Federal, just to support this corrupt system that cost approximately a trillion dollars a year nationwide needlessly.

Some of the things I am trying to achieve by putting this out here:

I would like to see things change in regards to parents’ rights. I would like to be exonerated and released from this debt to the State of Connecticut. I would like to be off the Deadbeat DAD's List before I am dead! I would also like my family and I to be compensated by the State of Connecticut for the unnecessary hardship put on all of us because of the States representatives actions. I know that I am asking for a lot and I may not get any of this but I will no longer fight this issue quietly.